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School visit - Baawa, 12th July 2008

HEEAL: Historical Ecologies of East African Landscapes


Funded by a European Union Marie Curie Excellence Grant, HEEAL is a four year project which aims to study the historical ecology of east African landscapes over the last 500 years through a combination of  archaeological, historical, ethnographic and palaeo-environmental research.

In particular, the project is investigating evidence for the presence, nature and extent of human-induced environmental change in eastern Africa and aims to relate these changes to contemporary and historical perceptions of African landscapes.     
The project is structured around six interrelated sub-projects exploring the intensification of herding and the emergence of specialised hunting; the environmental and social consequences of intensive agriculture; the perception of landscape history and its effect on policy; the historical ecology of the 19th-century caravan trade; the geoecology of the Pare Mountains; and the bioarchaeology of the ivory trade.

The project complements the work of the York Institute of Tropical Ecosystem Dynamics (KITE).

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