Duncan scanning mummy

The Mummy Research Group


The University of York's Mummy Research Group brings together expertise from the departments of Archaeology, Biology and Chemistry working closely with colleagues in museums and universities around the world. Based at BioArch: the Centre for Biomolecular Archaeology, the group's research is largely laboratory and museum based, with work also conducted in the field by the group's research team.

With diverse research interests ranging from the chemical analysis of preservative materials to the viability of ancient DNA, the Group study the widely differing forms of mummification found throughout the ancient world. To date they have studied material from Chile and Peru, Egypt and Nubia, Jordan, Yemen, Italy, the Canary Islands and the Philippines, in addition to bog bodies from England, Scotland, Ireland and Denmark.


  • Mummified material
    • Jordan
    • Peru
    • Yemen
    • Scotland
  • Irish Bog Bodies
  • Egyptian human & animal mummies
  • Multi-disciplinary examination of Egyptian Canopic jars


  • Harrogate Museums & Arts
  • York Museums Trust
  • Newcastle Hancock Museum
  • Wakefield Museums Service
  • Hull Museums & Art Gallery
  • Bolton Museum & Art Gallery
  • The British Museum
  • The National Museum of Ireland
  • The Smithsonian Institute
  • Toledo Museum & Arts
  • Sana'a University