1. Eligibility

1.1 All staff in grades 1 to 8 (or equivalent) who have been employed by the University since at least 1 November 2019 and have not achieved a similar award within the last two years are eligible to be nominated. Staff who have been nominated within the last two years but have not been successful are eligible for further nomination at the next opportunity.

1.2 The scheme is open to staff who have changed roles within the University, but can demonstrate the same outstanding levels of skill or achievement in each role.

1.3 Staff who have been successful in either academic promotion or role review within the last 12 months are not eligible for a Rewarding Excellence award.

1.4 Staff are eligible to apply whether their contribution has been made individually or as a member of a team.

2. Process for submitting nominations

Nominations can be made by line managers, Heads of Department (HoDs) or by employees themselves. In all cases we ask the HoD to confirm that:

  • the nominee has been employed by the University for two years or more as at 1 November 2021
  • the nominee has been fulfilling the requirements of their role to an exceptional standard for a sustained period of time eg over a minimum 12 month period
  • the nominee has delivered over and above the expectations of their role for a sustained period of time eg over a minimum 12 month period
  • the information in the nomination form is factually accurate

Nominations should be submitted by 9am on Wednesday 17 November 2021. Hard copies are not required. They will then be checked for eligibility, consolidated and put forward for panel evaluation.

Nominations should consist of an online nomination form and an up to date job description. No other evidence will be accepted.

3. Review and approval of Rewarding Excellence nominations

Recommendations will be facilitated by the Dean and Heads of Department within each Faculty (eg within Arts and Humanities, Sciences and Social Sciences) or by the Heads of Professional Services Group for nominated staff in support directorates.

4. Timetable

Activity Date
Communication to all HoDs and staff October
Nominations accepted from 4 October
Deadline for submitting nominations to HR 9am on 17 November 2021
Decisions making November-January
Communication of outcomes and implementation of additional increments January 2022

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