Background to the programme

Historically, the Leadership and Management development offering was made up of a number of programmes targeted at different levels and leadership from those interested in applying for a management role through to senior leaders within the university. Two events facilitated a review of these programmes - the pandemic lockdown and the launch of the University Strategy. As a result of these events, three key programmes, targeted at middle to senior managers (Leadership In Action, Leading Without a Team and Research Leaders) have been replaced with a core 'Collaborative Leadership Programme'.

Target population

This programme is targeted at middle and senior managers, typically in grades 7 to 9.

Content overview

The core programme consists of four core modules, delivered face to face over 5 full days to ensure skill and relationship development. It is aligned to the University Strategy, with additional pre and post module work together with co-coaching sessions between each module. The core programme is complemented by other stand alone workshops and development options depending on individual delegate's requirements, allowing the generic programme to be delivered while allowing tailoring to meet individual needs.