Dr Lisa O'Malley

  • Senior Lecturer in Social Policy and Crime
  • Director BA Applied Social Science - Crime and Criminal Justice
  • Chair of the Board of Examiners


Areas of expertise

  • Urban renewal
  • Crime Prevention and Community Safety
  • Voluntary Sector
  • Politics and poverty of place

Academic biography

I returned to academic study as a mature student and completed my first degree in Sociology and Social Policy here at York. This in turn fuelled my interest in issues associated with 'place' - why some places are perceived as 'better' than others and how 'where you live' might affect your life chances. These ideas informed my PhD which I completed in 2001, and continue to inform my primary areas of research and teaching interest. After working as a contract researcher in the Centre for Housing Policy (CHP) for three years I took up my current lecturing post in 2005.

My current teaching profile is associated with crime and place. I teach specialist modules in Policing and 'Crime and Place’ as well as contributing to core criminology modules. My research interests continue to lie with aspects of place, particularly the relationship between housing tenure and crime and the criminalisation of place. I am also interested in developing more nuanced approaches to comparative and international criminology that take account of the relationship between crime, place and social welfare.

I have also published methodological papers in the field of scoping studies and have worked as a consultant on a number of projects in this area. Scoping study methods are relatively under-used compared with ‘systematic’ reviews, yet this method offers a useful way to deal with inter-disciplinary areas of research without undermining the intellectual base of knowledge as well as offering fruitful ways to explore gaps in existing knowledge on particular topics.


Current interests and projects

  • Housing Tenure and Crime – a longitudinal analysis of the British Crime Survey (with David Rhodes from the Centre for Housing Policy)
  • Scoping Study of research in Comparative and International Criminology

PhD supervision interests

  • Voluntary Sector and Social Welfare
  • Urban renewal
  • Crime and Place


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Dr Lisa O'Malley

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Dr Lisa O'Malley
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