Dr Dan Horsfall

BA (Hons), MRes, PhD 

  • Lecturer in Comparative Social Policy
  • British Academy Postdoctoral Fellow (2012-2015)

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Areas of expertise

  • Comparative Social Policy
  • Comparative Methods
  • The Policy Process
  • The Political Economy of Welfare States
  • Global Health and Patient Mobility


Having previously undertaken his bachelors and masters degrees with the Department, Dan completed his PhD in 2011. His thesis was a comparative study of welfare states, seeking to answer whether welfare states have been replaced with competition states. Subsequent to his PhD Dan held the positions of Teaching Fellow and Research Fellow within the Department. His teaching has focused on comparative social policy both at undergraduate and postgraduate level and has involved the delivery of theory-based and methods-based sessions. As a Research Fellow Dan has held the role of project manager as part of an NIHR study that seeks to understand the implications for the NHS of inward and outward medical tourism.

For the next three years Dan will be working on his own project, funded by the British Academy. This study will build upon but extend the work of his PhD as he seeks to assess the impact of financial downturn upon welfare state typologies. This will see him fuse both macro and micro-level data as part of a comparative study.


Dan has received a 'best paper' prize from the Joint Universities Council at the Public Administration Committee conference (2008), as well as a Vice-Chancellor’s Teaching Award (2009). He is currently in receipt of a Postdoctoral Fellowship from the British Academy.


Research interests

  • The shift from welfare states to competition states
  • The use of qualitative, quantitative, and fuzzy-set methods for use in comparative analysis
  • Comparative and International Social Policy
  • Global Health
  • Patient Mobility
  • The role of housing markets in entrenching the competition state

PhD supervision

Dan is interested in supervising PhDs on any of the research topics cited above.

Publications and dissemination

Articles and Book Chapters

Horsfall, D. (Forthcoming – 2013). The diversity of competition states and the stability of diversity: evidence from a fuzzy set ideal-type analysis. In Social Policy and Society.

Lunt, N. and Horsfall, D. (Forthcoming - 2013) 'How medical value travel impacts upon national health systems', Chapter prepared for The Encyclopaedia of Health Economics A.J. Culyer (ed), Elsevier.

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Horsfall, D. (2010). From competition state to competition states? In, Policy Studies, 2010, Vol.31, No.1, pp.57-76. First published on 22/7/09 (IFirst).

Conference papers

Horsfall, D (Co-written with Lunt, N). (October 2012). Medical Tourism: What is it? Where does it Happen? And Who is involved? Keynote address to the Daejeon International Medical Tourism Conference 2012, Daejeon, Korea.

Horsfall, D. (July 2012). Housing: The Sturdy Pillar under the Competition State? Paper to the 2012 EASP/SPA conference, York.

Horsfall, D. (July 2012). The Chinese competition state. Paper accepted for the 2012 EASP/SPA conference, York.

Horsfall, D. (2009). Comparing competition states across the OECD. Paper to the ESPANET conference, 2009, Dublin.

Horsfall, D. (2009). A comparative approach to the competition state. Paper to the University of York department of Politics seminar series.

Horsfall, D. (2008). From competition state to competition states? Paper to the PAC conference, 2008, York.

Contact details

Dr Dan Horsfall
Lecturer in Comparative Social Policy

Tel: 01904 32 1206