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Dr Carolyn Snell

BA (Hons), MA, PhD (York)

  • Reader in Social Policy
  • Chair of the Board of Examiners

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Areas of expertise

  • Fuel Poverty 
  • Energy Policy
  • Food Aid
  • Welfare Reform
  • Disabled people  
  • Sustainable development
  • Environmental Policy
  • Public participation

Academic biography

I am a Reader in Social Policy with a multidisciplinary background and joined the Department in 2007. My career began with a degree in Politics and English Literature and was followed by an MA and PhD in Social Policy. Following this I held a research post at the Stockholm Environment Institute where I worked on the social and public policy dimensions of transport policies. Since 2011 my research and publications have largely focused on energy policy in the UK, with a particular interest in fuel poverty. In 2011 I received a grant from Eaga Charitable Trust to investigate the relationship between fuel poverty, welfare reforms and disabled people and in 2014 I received an EPSRC grant to research whether food bank recipients were facing a ‘heat or eat’ dilemma as suggested by many news reports. Research findings have been included within the National Institute for Care and Excellence’s national guidelines on Excess Winter Deaths, and have also been presented at an event in Parliament.

Professional activities

I am on the academic advisory board for the Policy Press.


My current research interests are:

  • Fuel poverty and policy 
  • Climate policy 
  • Energy policy 
  • Welfare reform 
  • Disability 
  • Environmental Attitudes
  • Education for Sustainable Development 
  • Public participation in policy development

Current research project:

The ‘heat or eat’ project investigated whether households are having to make a tradeoff between food and fuel, as suggested by recent media reports.  The final project report can be found here:

  • Heat or Eat: food and asuterity in Rural England 

Previous research:

  • Disability and fuel poverty: I was awarded a grant by the eaga charitable trust to research the relationship between disability and fuel poverty. The project has three key aims: firstly, to consolidate existing knowledge and understanding in the field; secondly, to conduct empirical work that will help to understand different dimensions of disability and fuel poverty in depth; and thirdly, to consider and assess the impact of policy changes on disabled people. Ultimately, the project will make policy recommendations that can be made to alleviate any negative or unintended consequences of policy changes.

First report

Research summary and recommendations

Research team members

I am a member of the Centre for Urban Research (CURB) and the York Environmental Sustainability Institute (YESI)

I am involved in fuel poverty research with Dr. Mark Bevan (Centre for Housing Policy) and Harriet Thomson (Department of Social Policy and Social Work).

PhD supervision

I have an interdisciplinary research background, and am trained in both quantitative and qualitative research methods.  As such I am interested in supervising a range of topics as long as they are relevant to the environment and social policy.

Supervision interests

  • All aspects of sustainable development
  • Transport policy
  • Fuel Poverty
  • Climate Policy
  • Environmental attitudes and behaviours
  • The links between social policy and the environment

Research labels:

Housing, health, social research methods, comparative and global social policy.



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Book chapters

Snell, C.J. and Nordennsvärd, J. (2016) 'Domestic Energy Efficiency and Fuel Povery in England'. In: Nordennsvärd, J. (ed), The Social Challenges and Opportunities of Low Carbon Development.Routledge.

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Encyclopaedia entries

Snell, C. (2011). 'Millennium Development Goals', Green Education: An A-to-Z Guide. SAGE Publications.

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Other publications

Caraher, K. and Snell, C. (eds) (2010). Government, Public Policy and Management: A Reader. Vol 2. SPSW Publishing, York. 

Caraher, K. and Snell, C. (eds) (2010). Government, Public Policy and Management: A Reader. Vol 1. SPSW Publishing, York. 

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Published Book Reviews

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Recent conference papers

Snell, C. (2013). 'Fuel Poverty and Disability'. Presented at Fuel Poverty and disabled people: the impact of policy change, 11th February 2013, London.

Snell, C. (2012). 'Fuel poverty and policy'. Presented at Fuel poverty in policy and practice - a postgraduate symposium, 16th November 2012, Sheffield.

Snell, C., and Thomson, H. (2012). 'Energy and fuel poverty policy: Green deal or no deal?'. Paper presented at the Social Policy Association 2012, York.

Snell, C. (2011). 'The International Decade of Education for Sustainable Development: case study evidence from the UK'.  Prepared for the 7th Social Policy International Forum and Seminar Series, Sun Yat-sen University, Guangzhou, China, 26th-28th August 2011 (Invited Speaker).

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Snell, C. (2008). 'Using evidence in policy making: barriers and drivers', Air Pollution Crop Effect Network Meeting, 24th – 26th March Asian Institute of Technology, Bangkok, Thailand.

Recent research reports

Snell, C.J., Bevan, M.A. & Gillard, R. 11 Dec 2018, Policy Pathways to Justice in Energy Efficiency, UKERC.

Snell, C.J. & Bevan, M.A. 11 Dec 2018, Supporting fuel poor disabled people through energy efficiency measures: Practitioner guide by UKERC, University of York and Disability Rights UK, UKERC

Snell, C.J. & Bevan, M.A. 11 Dec 2018, Supporting fuel poor families through energy efficiency measures: Practitioner guide by UKERC, University of York and The Children’s Society, UKERC

Swaffield, J.K., Snell, C.J., Bradshaw, J.R. & Tunstall, R.K. Dec 2016, Identifying sustainable pathways out of in-work poverty: Main report on the ‘Working Life in York’ survey: ESRC Knowledge Exchange Scheme ES/L002086/1, Commissioned Report for JRF/JRHT, CYC & YSJU, 184 p

Lambie-Mumford, H., Snell, C.J. & Dowler, E. 19 Jul 2015, Heat or Eat: Food and Austerity in Rural England, 5 p, Communities and Culture Network+

Lambie-Mumford, H., Snell, C.J. & Dowler, E. Jul 2015, Heat or Eat: Food and Austerity in Rural England Final Report, Communities and Culture Network+, 77 p (Working Papers of the Communities & Culture Network+)

Snell, C., Bevan, M. and Thomson, H. (2014). Fuel Poverty and Disabled People: the impact of policy change (research summary for eaga charitable trust). Research Summary (PDF , 176kb)

Thomson, H., Snell, C., and Bevan, M. (2013). Fuel Poverty and Disability: a statistical analysis of the English Housing Survey Deliverable 1 (a report funded by eaga charitable trust). Report (PDF , 880kb)Annexes (PDF , 706kb).

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Snell, C. (2007). Distillate Project C: Indicators and Targets for Sustainable Land Use and Transport EPSRC DISTILLATE PROJECT.


I coordinate three modules:

  • Sustainable Development and Social Inclusion (3rd year Undergraduate)
  • Introduction to Research Methods (MA level)
  • Advanced Qualitative Research Methods (MA level)

In addition to this I give guest lectures on the Environment and Social Policy for the Introduction to Social Policy module (Year 1), and Environmental Crime for the Victimisation and Harm module (Year 2)


National Energy Action

In recognition of the value of collaborative partnerships the Department of Social Policy and Social Work at the University of York and National Energy Action (NEA) are working together to meet common objectives regarding fuel poverty, energy  policy and research.

Given NEA's position as the leading UK fuel poverty charity, and that of the Department as a leading UK centre for teaching and research, common objectives for a partnership which is truly collaborative have been developed.

The University of York and NEA see this as an important opportunity to inform and maintain the profile and credibility of fuel poverty campaigns at a time of significant policy change and flux.

National Energy Action (logo) - Campaigning for Warm Homes

Contact details

Dr Carolyn Snell
Reader in Social Policy
Chair of the Board of Examiners

Tel: 01904 32 1249

I do my best to respond to emails but there may be delays during busy times.