Dr Antonios Roumpakis

  • Lecturer in Comparative Social Policy

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Areas of expertise

  • Familistic welfare regimes
  • Power approaches to welfare
  • Comparative historical research methods
  • Political economy of European integration
  • Pension reforms & governance of pension funds
  • Households, families and social reproduction

Academic biography

I hold an undergraduate degree in Sociology (University of Crete) and a PhD in Social and Policy Sciences (University of Bath). Before joining the University of York, I taught at the Department of Social and Policy Sciences (Bath) and I also spent a year as a post-doctoral researcher at the Nordic Centre of Excellence in Welfare Research (NORDwel) at the University of Helsinki.

My research and teaching interests are in the comparative political economy of the welfare state; comparative political economy of the Europe Union and the Nordic countries; governance and power approaches to welfare; historical institutionalism; and comparative research methods. Recently, I published articles on the governance of the European labour relations and the impact of the financial crisis on welfare reform in Europe. My current research focuses on the political economy of 'familistic' welfare regimes (Europe, East Asia), welfare austerity and the political economy of European integration.

Professional activities

Director of Social Policy Masters programmes
Deputy Director of SPSW Graduate School
Member of the Exceptional Circumstances Committee
Member of Social Policy & Society Editorial Board
Member of Social Policy Association Executive committee



My main teaching is on the following modules:

  • Comparative Social Policy (UG)
  • Comparative & International Social Policy: Research Methods (PG)
  • Comparative Social Policy: Governance, Management and Delivery (PG)
  • Reflective Practice (PG)
  • Dissertations Workshops (PG)


Current research interests and projects

  • Familistic welfare capitalism (incl. Household debt)
  • Welfare austerity
  • Comparative political economy of European Union (EU)
  • Pension reform and governance of pension funds

Research team members

Associate Fellow of Social Policy East Asia Exchange (SPEAX), Centre for Research in Comparative and Global Social Policy (CRCG).

Research labels

Social research methods
Comparative and International social policy
Family, market and state
Employment and pension policy

PhD supervision interests

Comparative welfare states and political economy of welfare; Pension policy analysis; Labour mobility and rights; Especially welcome interests in: comparative historical (& institutionalism) analysis; governance of pension funds; power approaches to welfare; familistic welfare regimes and comparative pension policy in Latin America, East Asia and Europe.

PhD students

Jieun Lee (awarded)
Hyungyung Moon (awarded)
Gregory Neocleous (awarded)
Jiaxin Liu (2018 - now)
Shimeng Yin (2017 - now)
Xinide (2018- now)


Papadopoulos T. and Roumpakis, A. (2018) 'Rattling Europe’s ordoliberal ‘iron cage’: the contestation of austerity in Southern Europe', Critical Social Policy, 3 (38), 505-526.

Papadopoulos, T. and Roumpakis, A. (2017) 'Family as a Socio-economic Actor in the Political Economies of East and South-East Asian Welfare Capitalisms’, Social Policy & Administration, Vol.51, 6, 857-875.

Papadopoulos, T. and Roumpakis, A. (2017) 'The Erosion of Southern Europe's Middle Classes:Debt, insecurity and the political economy of austerity’, Sociologia e politiche sociali, Vol.20, pp. 67-89.

Roumpakis, A. and Papadopoulos,A. (2017) 'From social regulation of competition to competition as social regulation: transformations in the sociο-economic governance of the European Union', in Horsfall, D. & Hudson, J. (eds.) Social Policy in an Era of Global Competition: Comparative, International and Local Perspectives. The Policy Press, pp. 53-69.

Papadopoulos, T. and Roumpakis, A. (2015) ‘Democracy, Austerity and Crisis: Southern Europe and the decline of the European Social model’ in Romano, S. & Punziano, G. (eds.) The European Social Model Adrift Europe, Social Cohesion and the Economic Crisis. Ashgate, pp.189-211.

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Papadopoulos, T. and Roumpakis, A. (2012). 'Re-embedding the labour-capital relation in Europe: the ECJ rulings and the process of European Integration', T. Sakellaropoulos (ed) Posted workers in Europe: policies, experiences, best practices. Athens: Dionikos.

Papadopoulos, T. and Roumpakis, A.(2011). 'Nordic social risk management and the challenge of EU regulation: labour market parity at risk', in V-P. Sorsa (ed) Rethinking social risks in the Nordics, Brussels: Foundation of European Progressive Studies, pp. 199-224.

Sorsa, V-P. and Roumpakis, A. (2011). 'Contingency in Risk Management: the case of pension funds in Sweden and Finland', in V-P. Sorsa (ed) Rethinking social risks in the Nordics, Brussels: Foundation of European Progressive Studies, pp. 169-198.

Dr Antonios Roumpakis

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Dr Antonios Roumpakis
Lecturer in Comparative Social Policy

Tel: 01904 32 1298