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How are sex, gender and health interwoven?

Gender-based research tends to analyse ‘sex’ and ‘gender’ as seperate entities. Professor Ellen Annandale however analyses sex and gender as interwoven concepts, also considering how health interlaces into this dynamic. Using the context of Northern Europe, this research combines social constructivism and materialist feminism to produce multiple publications and conference papers.

Global smile

The Global Sikh and Muslim Intercultural Learning Environment (SMILE) project, documents 10 years of on going academic research examining Sikh and Muslim relations in the UK and North America. Providing the first transatlantic comparative investigation in this field, this research explores how the relations between Sikhs and Muslims have been manifested in the UK, Canada, and the US, and offers tools and information for building the path to better relations. See the extensive publications written as part of the project here.

Methods on the Move: experiencing and imagining borders, risk & belonging

From exploring the history, and remaining presence, of segregation in Belfast to walking the women’s memorial march in Vancouver, Professor Maggie O'Neil explores ideas of risk, belonging and borders through a varied range of walks with diverse and accomplished individuals. Each walk has been documented via blogpost, the record of which can be viewed here. The documented walks record innovative thinking on complex topics whilst exploring walking as a method for conducting research.