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2022 events


The 3rd Annual CASLC End-of-Academic-Year Celebratory Talk

The Centre for Advanced Studies in Language & Communication (CASLC) at the University of York is delighted to present a talk by Professor Jenny Mandelbaum, co-authored with Professor Gene Lerner: On the Communicative Affordances of Instrumental Action: Offering Meal Service to Others, Whilst Serving Oneself.


Myth, Rumour and Misinformation: A day of interdisciplinary discussion from folklore to fake news

Myth, rumour and misinformation have been features of human society since the dawn of civilisation. From the earliest folk tales to high-tech online propaganda campaigns, people have used myth, rumour and misinformation to persuade, deceive, and even to make sense of their lived experience of the world around them.

Past seminars and events

The Beatles Now Past 50: Abbey Road lyric secrets

Saturday 18 June 2022

In the fifth and final talk of his popular Festival series The Beatles at 50, Colin Campbell of the University of York examines the lyrics to the songs on the Abbey Road album.

Architecture, the Urban and the Politics of Public Space

Thursday 26 May 2022

This two day symposium (26 May-27 May) gathers a range of speakers from different backgrounds to consider the intersections between architecture, the urban and the politics of exclusion played out in the design of public space.