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The network is Chaired by Professor Simon Parker (Politics) and Dr Sara de Jong (Politics).


Haleemah Alaydi PhD student (refugees, refugee fiction, asylum seekers, migration, immigration politics, exile, Palestine, diaspora from the Middle East)
Rachel Alsop Lecturer (gender based violence and refugee and migrant women; Albanian young asylum seekers)
Rebecca Bevington PhD Student (refugee literature, women's testimonies, fiction, bare life, care work, states of exception)
Claire Chambers Senior Lecturer (Literature; postcolonial studies; migration; South Asia; Arab world) +44 (0)1904 324216
Kelly Devenney Lecturer (unaccompanied asylum seeking children and young people; refugee and migrant youth; marketisation of refugee camps) 

Constantino Dumangane, Jr. Lecturer (Critical Race Theory, Bourdieusian concepts relevant to research on Race, Racism, Discrimination, Class, In-Equity, In-Equality, Widening Participation, Decolonisation and Social Justice in Education)

  Fitria PhD Student (refugee law in Indonesia and South East Asian countries, legal pluralism, refugee protection and philanthropy organisations, TWAIL (Third World Approaches to International Law))
Maria Franco Gavonel Lecturer (migration, sustainable development, climate migrants, human capital)

Paul Kerswill Professor (Multicultural London English; language and development in West Africa (Ghana); health communication in West Africa)

Daniel Kyereko Lecturer (Intra African migration, migration and education in postcolonial societies, educational systems in Ghana and Africa) 

Martin Jones Senior Lecturer (refugee law and policy; legal aid and access to justice; human rights; MENA and Asia) +44 (0)1904 325834
Sara de Jong Senior Lecturer (refugee and migrant advocacy and support organisations; postcolonial politics of migration; gender, race, racism and migration; migration and brokerage)
Alex Hall Senior Lecturer (international securitisation of mobility and contemporary border politics in the west; everyday production and experience of security within immigration detention; ‘smart’ e-border targeting systems)
Zulfiya Hamzaki PhD Student (refugee resettlement and integration in the UK, documentary filmmaking, interactive storytelling, immigrant experiences, human rights) 
Sam Hellmuth Senior Lecturer (language; spoken communication; Arabic; Middle East; South Asia) +44 (0)1904 322657
Joyce Jiang Joyce Jiang Lecturer (mobilisation of migrant workers; participatory art in labour organising; migrant workers' rights)
Agata Lambrechts PhD student (migration and education; refugee background students in higher education; academic mobility; international students)

Jack M Liuta, PhD Student (responding to conflict-related sexual violence against women in Africa; socio-cultural challenges and opportunities; the case of the Eastern Congo. Peer Researcher on Refugees and migrants’ integration research projects with Migration Yorkshire and the Institute for Public Policy Research)

Daria Lynch PhD student (migration and cultural heritage in York; spatial politics; decolonisation and social
justice; gender and migration; intersectionality; Turkish; Russian; German)

Jesse Machin PhD student (politics of membership and belonging, borders, territoriality, citizenship, nationalism, national identity, statelessness, self-determination, diaspora) 
Alice Nah Senior Lecturer (global civil society; human rights; risk and personal security; migration; asylum; Asia) +44 (0)1904 325824
Simon Parker profile image Simon Parker Professor (politics of asylum and immigration; urban studies and urban theory; comparative European politics with particular reference to Italy)
Mariana Pinto Leitão Pereira Postdoctoral Research Associate (heritage and uses of the past in the present, diaspora belonging and identity, colonial to post-colonial transitions, climate change) 
M M Golam Rabbani PhD Student (Environmental Migration, Place, Capability Approach, Risk Perception, Wellbeing)
Alice Richardson PhD student (legal-linguistic issues for asylum seekers; interpreting services in immigration courts; language as evidence in asylum claims)
Indrajit Roy Senior Lecturer (development politics; citizenship; migration and mobility; Rising Powers; global urbanism; democracy; decolonising the curriculum)

Mohammed Hossain Sarker PhD student (labour migration, migrant domestic worker, migrant workers' rights, GCC-Asia Corridor, Remittances)

Louise Shepperd PhD student (Adult language and literacy development in migration contexts, language learning with unfamiliar writing systems or low-literacy, migration and language education policy and practice)

Evangeline Tsao Research Fellow (intersectionality, gender and sexuality, participatory visual methodologies and feminist pedagogy)
Joe Turner Lecturer (border regimes and the control of mobility after colonialism; family, intimacy and borders; eco-bordering)
Pragya Vohra Lecturer (Viking age; migration; diaspora; Anglo-Scandinavian)
Ching-Yu Chang PhD student (highly skilled migration: patterns, decision-making, experiences of working and living)
Jonathan Zaragoza Cristiani Research Associate (EU migration policies in the Balkans, North Africa and the Middle East; Spanish-Moroccan migration control cooperation)

Affiliated members

Dr Alice Nah Associate Professor (global civil society; human rights; risk and personal security; migration; asylum; Asia)
Professor Maggie O'Neill Senior Visiting Fellow (forced migration and the asylum-migration nexus; race, crime and justice; innovative participatory, biographical, performative and visual methodologies)

Leonie Schulte, Postdoctoral affiliate, University of Oxford (linguistic anthropology, language and 'integration' policy, migration and displacement, time
and temporality, labour and bureaucracy)

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