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M M Golam Rabbani
PhD Student



Rabbani is a PhD student at the Environment and Geography department, working on climate change risks and migration discourse under the supervision of Dr John Forrester and Dr Joshua Kirshner since October 2017.

Rabbani was born and grew up in the south-west part of Bangladesh where salinity and inundation are severe due to climate change. He studied BA in Bangla literature and migrated to the UK. Then the subject of interest changed and Rabbani pursued his first master’s degree in Environment Development and Policy from the University of Sussex. His second master’s degree was in Social Research from the University of York. He has previously worked in the filming industry in London and directed bio-political documentaries.



His research specifically focuses the perceptions of risks and uncertainties associated with the climate change impacts. A complex interplay of pulling and pushing factors determine the adaptive decisions of these affected people. What are the factors that make these people stay in the unsafe & uncertain conditions, and why are they the way they are? He is looking in the developing country context, Bangladesh, where he grew up.

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Mr Rabbani
PhD Student
Department of Environment & Geography
University of Yotk
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