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Critical Emotional Reflexivity in Social Activism

Wednesday 5 October 2016, 3.00PM to 16:00

Speaker(s): Deb King - Associate Professor in Sociology at Flinders University

Examining how (rather than why) everyday people become social activists provides insights into the emotionality of not only the personal process, but of bringing about social change.  Through interviews conducted with 26 activists in Australia, I examine the emotional dynamics involved in generating and participating in the kinds of critical reflexivity that helped them revision themselves and their social world. I argue that while emotions are central to the reflexive ways people react to social change, they are perhaps even more necessary in proactive change, particularly where that change seeks to redress structural power.

Deb King is an Associate Professor in Sociology at Flinders University. She is currently on study leave at the University of Edinburgh as a reward for being Dean of the School of Social and Policy Studies for the past three years. Deb’s research focus in the sociology of emotions has been on the relationship between personal and social/organisational change, and on the emotional practices used by aged care workers. She also has a body of work in the sociology of work on the health and social care workforces, with a special focus on workers in aged care.

5 October Seminar Poster (PDF , 428kb)

Deb King

Location: Wentworth College, W/222

Admission: FREE


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