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CANCELLED - Classed Lifeworlds of Young Graduates

Wednesday 23 November 2016, 3.00PM to 16:00

Speaker(s): Professor Harriet Bradley

**** Seminar cancelled ****

Although there can be no doubt that class relations still have a major influence on people's life chances, it is clear that the nature of class in the twenty first century is changing and is still poorly understood. In this paper I will try to relate the experiences of a cohort of young graduates who have taken part in the longitudinal qualitative Paired Peers project to some ideas about analyzing class that I put forward in a response to Savage et al's work in the Great British Class Survey. I will focus on how membership of a particular class fraction impacts on these young adults' career paths, and how these are also affected by the dynamics of gender and ethnicity. 

Harriet Bradley is Professor of Women's Employment at the University of the West of England and Professor Emerita at Bristol University. She is also a Labour councillor and trade union activist and her research interests focus on social inequalities and on work relationships. Recent publications include updated editions of Gender and of Fractured Identities and, with Ann-Marie Bathmaker and others, Higher EducationSocial Class and Social Mobility. 

Harriet Bradley

Location: Wentworth College, W/222



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