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A View from the South: Brazil & Global Health

Thursday 4 February 2016, 12.00PM to 2.00pm

Speaker(s): Rosana Curzel (Federal Rural University of Rio de Janeiro), Clarice Mota (Federal University of Bahia) and Fernanda Perez (University of Sao Paulo)

Since at least the colonial era, the idea of ‘international health’ has been shaped by a Western-centric worldview. Contemporary practices of global health governance are the latest iteration of a long-standing tendency to privilege the interests of powerful nations and actors in the North. The skewing of global health policies away from the views and experiences of the Global South is arguably one of the ideational factors behind the persistence of staggering inequalities in global health.

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Location: Derwent College room D/L/028 - Hendrix Hall

Admission: All welcome