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Youth activism and engagement: Are we educating people to take part in society?

Thursday 15 September 2016, 6.00PM

Speaker(s): A panel of experts - see below

We often assume that in a democracy there is a virtuous circle between engagement and education: in schools and elsewhere we help people understand society and take part in it, and when they do so they learn even more. But are things so simple? Is it possible that adults intend to indoctrinate young people and are activists really learning (as opposed to narrowly trying to achieve particular goals)? 

In this event experts will consider vitally important issues. We will hear from members of an international project team who are exploring youth activism and education:

  • Professor Ian Davies, University of York, UK.
  • Professor Mark Evans, University of Toronto, Canada
  • Professor Márta Fülöp, Eötvös Loránd University, Hungary
  • Professor Andrew Peterson, University of South Australia
  • Professor Jasmin B-Y Sim, National Institute of Education, Singapore.

And we will hear from Dr Paul Wakeling (University of York) who will present evidence from the Great British Class Survey on young people’s political engagement and consider what social class and educational inequalities among younger people might mean for youth activism.

With thanks to the Leverhulme Trust for supporting this project. 


Location: Room ARC/014, Alcuin Research Resource Centre