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ISRF-ReCSS Workshop Day 2

Tuesday 13 May 2014, 9.00AM to 02:40PM

At the ISRF Annual Workshop the ISRF’s Fellows report on their work, to each other and to a wider audience drawn here from its host, the Research Centre for Social Sciences (ReCSS) at the University of York. The Workshop focuses on the ISRF’s requirement that the research should be interdisciplinary, innovative and critical. The topic for this year’s Workshop is ‘Critique and Critiques’ and the two-day event will interrogate this theme, in a space where introductory, provocative, exploratory or research-based statements make way for audience participation and discussion by audience members.

What counts as critique varies across the disciplines; critical history, critical anthropology, critical theory and theories, critical philosophy and so on differ in theory and method. All are themselves subject to critique and, of course, the critique of the notion of critique presents a further complication. The Workshop is an opportunity to consider what the truly critical and intellectually research sought by the ISRF, and aimed at by its Fellows, might look like. On Day One there will be short presentations by the ISRF Fellows of projects from across the social sciences, and a Roundtable discussion: ‘What is critique and (how) are we doing it?’

Day Two, bringing together researchers from York and beyond, focuses on contemporary forms of critical theory and its application in empirical research. As a body of thinking, analysis and research critical theory problematizes superficial and complacent analyses of our contemporary human, social and economic condition. The day discovers the range of engagement in critical understandings of social change, progress, the impact of technology, our imbrication with economic rationalities and discourses, as well as deepening problems of ecocide, inequality and violence, in the work of the University’s social science scholars.

Please see ISRF-ReCSS Workshop Programme (PDF , 215kb) for further details and how to register.

Location: Law & Management Building, Heslington East Campus, York YO10 5GD