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Approaching a mentor

Once you have found a potential mentor, you need to send them a mentoring request – a message asking them to be your mentor.

Once you’ve found a mentor that sparks your interest, click the ‘Contact [Name]’ button on their profile. You will then be asked to write a message introducing yourself and your careers ideas, the support you’d like, and what you found interesting about their profile. Don’t worry, the platform will give you some useful hints and tips to check through before you send over your request.

Suggested Topics:

  • What’s the best piece of careers advice you’ve received?
  • I’m quite shy and find networking nerve wracking but know it's important for this industry - how do I build links with potential employers?'
  • How easy was it moving different country and what was required to do this?
  • Do you have any tips for talking to employers about a disability?
  • I feel very unsure about my next steps after university- did you feel confident about your decisions at this stage?
  • What’s it like working in your sector?
  • I have been looking for roles in your industry, but I don't see many advertised. Do you know when the main recruitment period is and when I should apply?
  • How do I ‘come out’ to my employer and feel like I can be myself in the workplace?
  • How did you find going from being a student to working full time in a graduate role?

Don’t ask for this as they will probably say no:

  • “I would like a job or internship at your company”

What happens next

The mentor will either accept your request or send you a reply, which will be forwarded to your university email address. Our graduates are busy people and may receive numerous requests, so if you don’t hear back straight away hang tight or browse other profiles that may interest you in the meantime.

Key Information

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