The list below includes events organised by the SCI office and those by other organisations, which may be of interest to SC science and social science researchers.
If you have an event that you wish to advertise on this page then please contact Stephanie Hazel-Gant

7-8 May 2009
BEYOND PATTISON: Challenges for Stem Cell Translation & Policy

This will be the final international conference of the Stem Cell Initiative, run in conjunction with REMEDiE, an FP7 project.

General details about the meeting are available here - html

NEW * * Full conference programme, presentations and photos here - html * *


6-8 April 2009
UKNSCN Second Annual Science Meeting, Oxford

Details of the confirmed programme can now be found here - pdf. Further details for registration are available on the website www.uknscn.org/meetings/meetings09.html

12 March 2009
ESRC Festival of Social Science in March: A workshop to examine the policymaking process leading to the passage of the Human Fertilisation and Embryology Bill
One Great George St in London

Details to be confirmed, in the mean time please email christine.knight@ed.ac.uk for further details

17 December 2008
Stem Cells Dialogue project launch
Godfrey Mitchell Theatre, One Great George Street, Westminster

Andrew Webster, SCI Co-ordinator and member of the project's Oversight Group, will be giving a presentation at this BBSRC / MRC meeting to discuss the final report and findings from the project.

The project was the largest ever public and stakeholder dialogue on stem cells in the UK, run by the British Market Research Bureau (BMRB). The findings from this study provide an understanding of people’s views, aspirations and concerns and will feed into future strategic policy decisions and communications activities.

16 December 2008
A Workshop on Trans-disciplinary Research

Details have yet to be finalised but the aim is to bring together bioscientists, clinicians and social scientists who have been collaborating on an SCI project/Fellowship or linked to it to as key sources of expertise (perhaps as members of an advisory group) to explore the experience of researching stem cells from very different paradigmatic positions and expectations about the purposes and outcome of the work.

The meeting will focus on a few key themes:

Working across different research agendas: how are research objectives and key questions worked out in practice?

Handling and managing data across transdisciplinary project teams

Dissemination to non-social science audiences

Trials and tribulations: lessons learned

Futher details will follow shortly.

15 December 2008
The Social Regulation of Stem Cell Research: Looking beyond regulatory exteriors in Asia International Conference
University of Sussex, Brighton

This event has been organised by Margaret Sleeboom-Faulkner, Seyoung Hwang and Achim Rosemann Department of Anthropology, University of Sussex, Brighton, UK. Margaret is currently funded by the SCI on a translational fellowship. Further details about her work can be found here - html, while a draft programme for the event can bee seen here - pdf

25 November 2008
UKNSCN/Charities Stem Cell Clinical Trails Workshop,

There are up to 30 spare places available at a forthcoming UKNSCN/Charities workshop on translational research and clinical trials using stem cells. This will take place on 25 November at the offices of the Clifford Chance law firm at Canary Wharf, central London (10 Upper Bank Street, 32nd floor). The programme for the day is attached and, until now, attendance has been by invitation only largely for the charitable sector. Attendance is free-of-charge, though you must register in advance by contacting Fiona Dickenson at the following address: fiona.dickenson@bbsrc.ac.uk. Capacity at the venue is limited, and the remaining places will be issued on a first-come first-served basis until capacity is reached. If you have not registered in advance, you will not be able to gain access to the venue.

The workshop is a collaboration between UKNSCN and several of the UK's disease-based charities and is aimed at appraising the current progress with clinical trials using stem cells in a range of diseases/conditions, and improving understanding of the hurdles which are slowing the progress of stem cell research towards early-stage trials. The day will conclude with a drinks reception.

13 October 2008
HFEA Annual Conference 2008 - Delivering the Human Fertilisation and Embryology Bill in Practice
Royal College of Surgeons, London

To register - The conference is free, but places will be allocated on a first come first served basis. If you would like to attend, please register your interest by email to annualconference@hfea.gov.uk no later than Wednesday 1st October. Confirmation of attendance will be sent by email closer to the date along with a delegate pack.

23 September 2008
Automating Stem Cell Bioscience

This workshop was held for a specially invited audience consisting of bio-scientists, clinicians, sociologists, policy makers and industrialists. A report on the workshop will be posted here soon. In the mean time, Andrew Webster, SCI co-ordinator's introductory slides can be seen here - pdf.

11 July 2008
7th Annual International Symposium Human Embryonic Stem Cells –Progress Towards Cell Therapy
University of Sheffield, Auditorium, Students Union

10 July 2008
The Future of Biological Control: the legacy of Anne McLaren in law, ethics and policy in reproductive biomedicine
Wellcome Collection Conference Centre Euston Road, London

12 June 2008
Regenerative Bodies Seminar Series, No. 4: Commercialisation and the Market for Tissue Engineered and Stem Cell Technologies.

Forth in the series run by Julie Kent based on her current fellowship work. Further details here - pdf

16 May 2008
Governing stem cell science: bioethics and the reconciliation of cultural difference
Kings College London

Organised by Brian Salter and chaired by Andrew Webster

Details will become available here www.kcl.ac.uk/schools/sspp/cbas/news/

16 April 2008
Stem Cell Research: Share Your Views About The Future
6.00-9.15pm Quincentenary Hall Surgeons' Hall Complex Edinburgh EH8 9DW

Come and discuss your views on the different sources of stem cells used in research and let your voice be heard

A workshop organised by Sarah Parry's group. Further information can be seen here - html and poster here - pdf

9 April 2008
Regenerative Bodies Seminar Series, No. 3:
Regulation and Governance of Emerging Tissue and Cell based Technologies.

Third in the series run by Julie Kent based on her current fellowship work. Further details here - pdf

29 February 2008
PFGS Regional Meeting/ESRC Seminar Series: 'Doing Lab Ethnography"
University of York

Further details here - pdf

31 January - 2 February 2008
FISH-ESC 2008, the First International Symposium on Human Embryonic Stem Cell research

Further details here - html

23 January 2008
Regenerative Bodies Seminar Series, No. 2: From Bench to Clinic: embryology and the new biosciences.

Second in the series run by Julie Kent based on her current fellowship work. Further details here - pdf

29 November 2007
Seminar: Geographies of promissory economy - locating tensions and strains in the bio-economies of stem cell innovation
University of Edinburgh

Speakers: Dr Nik Brown, and Dr Paul Martin
This paper elaborates on future-oriented expectations as organising features of contemporary stem cell innovation, locating the promise and potential of stem cell economies in different geographies, places, times, locations and regimes. It explores how various borders and boundaries have been formed around expectations of stem cell innovation, and how these serve to temporally and spatially define networks of innovation. The paper reports on findings from a recently completed ESRC research project looking at the complex relationships and tensions between clinical and commercial science, between public and private sector economies, and between professional and consumer encounters with stem cell markets. The project elaborates these tensions through a particularly contested and highly volatile biosocial entity, the haematopoietic stem cell

27 November 2007
Symposium on The UK Transpecies Embryo Debate
ESRC Genomics Forum, University of Edinburgh

Presentations by Nik Brown, Sarah Parry and Wendy Faulkner. For futher details see here - pdf

23 November 2007
Genomics Forum Capacity Building Workshop: Law and Ethical Regulation of Stem Cells

Programme now available here - pdf

1 November 2007
Institute of Child Health, 30 Guilford St, London WC1N 1EH

A conference organised by the Progress Educational Trust (PET)
Bookings and enquiries: Call 020 7278 7870, email admin@progress.org.uk

29 October 2007
Future development of haematopoietic stem cell (HSC) science and technology
Wellcome Trust Conference Centre, London. Monday 29 October 2007.

The workshop will focus on the current development and future expectations about how research in haematopoietic stem cells will be translated into commercial products and clinical applications.

Contact Richard Tutton for further information. See Paul Martin's project group page for further information about the project.

11 October 2007
Regenerative Bodies Seminar Series, No. 1: Tissue Collection and Tissue Donation

First in the series run by Julie Kent based on her current fellowship work. Further details here - pdf

P O S T P O N E D until the new year.

4 October 2007
Innovation Cafe: Stem Cell Futures

This is a new type of workshop taylor-made of industrialists to provide them with the most up to date research from social science and an opportunity to secure information on the social, political, economic and cultural factors affecting scientific research and technological innovation today.

Further information here - html

14 September 2007
(CBAS) Workshop on: Selling Science? Academy-Industry Interactions in Stem Cell Research
Room 6.13 James Clark Maxwell Building (Waterloo Campus), King’s College London Centre for Biomedicine & Society

Further information here - pdf and Steve Wainwright's fellowship page

28-31 August 2007
'Moral economies of science' session
Royal Geographical Society - Institute of British Geographers Annual Conference , Kensington Gore, London

Call for papers for session on History & Philosophy of Geography Group organised by Steven Wainwright, SCI Research Fellow. Please visit his web page for further information - here.

25-29 July 2007
International Society for History, Philosophy, and Social Studies of Biology (ISHPSSB) Conference
, EGENIS, Exeter


16 - 18 July 2007
University of Manchester

The Conference will present and discuss the latest in adult and embryonic stem cell basic research and clinical and commercial developments, and will include key international speakers. www.stemcellmanchester.co.uk

14 May 2007
Stem cell identities, governance and ethics: implications for social and political theory
One Day Workshop, University of Nottingham

Speakers include Paul Martin and Nik Brown; SCI project.

3 May 2007
Genomic Forum Seminar: The Science and Sociology of Stem Cells
University of Edinburgh

This event is funded out of the ESRC Stem Cell Capacity Building and Awareness Raising part of the SCI.
Speakers so far confirmed at Prof Steven Wainwright, Dr Lena Eriksson and stem cell scientist Dr Brian Hendrich

The focus will be on cross-disciplinary discussion and capacity building dialogue.

Together with stem cell scientists from Edinburgh we invite participants to explore the nature of stem cell science. Questions will include for instance

- is stem cell science really revolutionary?
- what are the different cultures of stem cell science, e.g. basic science and cinical science? What does this mean for the translation from bench to bedside?
- in what ways is stem cell science embedded in, and grows out of, particular social contexts?
- what are the assumptions stem cell scientists bring to their work? how do these shape their work?

Further details will follow soon. I would appreciate if you can indicate whether you are interested in participating in this event by emailing to almut.caspary@ed.ac.uk

19-20 April 2007
Workshop 3: Ethical Aspects of Stem Cell Research in Europe, Berlin

The event has been co-organised by the partners (Peter Andrews) to one of the SCI projects

12-14 April 2007
BSA Annual Conference 2007: Social Connections:  Identities, Technologies, Relationships
University of East London

A special stream on Stem Cells has been organised. Presentations and posters from many of the SCI investments will be on offer on each day of the conference.


THURSDAY 15:30 - 17:00 EB.1.62 ESRC Stem Cells 1
Webster, A. Social science and stem cells research: key aspects and implications of the ESRC's programme
Kent, J., Pfeffer, N. Death, Life and Immortality: The dead fetus as boundary object

FRIDAY 11:30 - 13:30 EB.1.62 ESRC Stem Cell 2
Wainwright, S.P. Williams, C. Michael, M. Shifting paradigms? Bourdieu, the sociology of expectations and the pharmaceuticalisation of human embryonic stem cell research
Martin, P., Brown, N., Kraft, A. Haematopoietic stem cells: the dynamics of expectations in innovation
Salter, B., Dickins, A., Cooper, M. Global politics of human embryonic stem cell science: the Asia-Pacific perspective

FRIDAY 15:30 – 17:00 EB.1.62 ESRC Stem Cell 3
Scully, J.L., Haimes, E., Porz, R.,.Dowdle, S., Potential donors’ views on donating ‘spare’ embryos to stem cell research
Brown, N., Martin, P. The privatised consumption of bioscience - commercial stem cell banking
Parry, S., Cunningham-Burley, S., Faulkner, W., Bates, S. Public engagement in science, technology and medicine: ambivalent roles and boundary objects

SATURDAY 9:00 – 11:00 EB.1.62 ESRC Stem Cell 4
Eriksson, L., Webster, A. Quality assured science: the role of standards in stem cell research
Stephens, N., Atkinson, P., Glasner, P. Embodiment, Space and Representation in the UK Stem Cell Bank

Webster, A., Hazel-Gant, S. The Social Science Stem Cell Initiative
Caspary, A., Yearly, S. The Genomics Forum

26-28 March 2007
CESAGen 4th International Conference: Genomics and Society - Retrospects and Prospects, The Royal Society in London.

This event will be run in collaboration with the Dutch Centre for Society and Genomics (CSG). Further information and a call for papers will be available shortly on the CESAGen website.

Contact Anne Wilbourn for further information.

21 March 2007
Tissue Engineering in Europe: Products, Processes and Public Participation

London School of Economics and Political Science. Run by Sarah Franklin, BIOS. Further info here - pdf

15 March 2007
The social and clinical implications of Stem Cell Research: What's possible, what's likely?

A public event run in conjunction with Social Science Week, Yorkshire Forward and Science City York.

6 March 2007
Stem Cell Science, Emerging Economies and Globalisation: Legal, policy and regulatory perspectives in China and India

More information here - pdf. Organised by Brian Salter et al. Project page here - htm

21 February 2007
The Assessment of Regenerative Medicine and Stem Cell Technologies in Australia

Wellcome Trust Conference Centre, Hinxton, Cambridge, CB10 1RQ
Further details: www.globalwatchservice.com/pages/ThreeColumns.aspx?PageID=670&SeminarID=1993
Brian Salter will be presenting on behalf of Cathy Waldby. Project page here - htm

25-27 January 2007
Third EGENIS Conference: Governing Genomics - Interdisciplinary Perspectives on the Regulation of the Biosciences


22-25 January 2007
EGENIS training workshop on international stem cell regulation

NEW Programme now available here - doc

For further information contact c.hauskeller@exeter.ac.uk

24-25 November 2006
EGENIS Critical Social Science Workshop

Organized by Les Levidow, Helen Wallace and Christine Hauskeller


23 November 2006
Share Your Views about Women Donating Eggs for Stem Cell Research: a Public Debate

Venue: Dynamic Earth in Edinburgh on 23rd November 7.15pm to 8.45pm (starting with refreshments at 6.30pm)
This public event involves a panel of people responding to comments and questions from the audience on particular aspects of donating eggs for stem cell research. You are invited to pose your own question or comment to the panel for their comment or to simply come along and listen to this event.
Poster here - pdf, Background Info here - pdf, Ticket Application Form here - pdf


26-27 October 2006
Clinical Workshop on Neural Stem Cell Therapies Maritim Hotel, Bonn - Königswinter

Registration deadline for this meeting is Tues 1 August. Full details, programme and registration forms can be found online at: www.eurostemcell.org/News/clinical_workshop_bonn.htm

25 October 2006
Health, Technology & Society Book Series Launch

Official launch of the books produced as a result of the Innovative Health Technologies Programme. To take place at the Royal Society, London. Attendance is free but spaces are limited. Contact Stephanie Hazel-Gant to reserve your place.
For further information go to www.york.ac.uk/res/iht/hts.htm

16 October 2006
Ethics, regulation, and the development of stem cell therapy?

An invited multidisciplinary workshop to be held at King's College London. Organised by Clare Williams project team.

Further information etc contact steven.wainwright@kcl.ac.uk

19 September 2006
Shaping expectations: linking the lab and the clinic through stem cell therapy?

An invited multidisciplinary workshop to be held at King's College London. Organised by Clare Williams project team.

Further information etc contact steven.wainwright@kcl.ac.uk

8-10 September 2006
International Conference - Advances in Stem Cell Research, Lausanne, Switzerland

Programme highlights include sessions on embryonic and tissue stem cells, molecular regulation of stem cell fates, stem cells in development and degenerative diseases, as well as plenary lectures from Chris Potten, Shin-Ichi Nishikawa, Janet Rossant and Jonas Frisén.

Full programme & registration details can be found online at www.eurostemcell.org/News/Lausanne_2006.htm

5-6 September 2006
Innogen Annual Conference 2006: Genomics for Development? The Life Sciences and Poverty Reduction

Further information etc www.innogen.ac.uk/events/annual-conference

25-26 July 2006
BBSRC Third Cross Council Stem Cell Initiative Grantholders' Workshop

The aim of the workshop is to provide a networking opportunity for grant holders from different disciplines, and to present the progress of research on projects being undertaken under the initiative. To be held at the Brittania Country House Hotel, Manchester.

Further information etc contact Miss Michelle Dyer bbsrc.csu@bbsrc.ac.uk

29 June-1 July 2006
4th Annual Meeting of the International Society for Stem Cell Research

To be held in Toronto, Canada

Further information etc go to www.isscr.org/meetings/

23 June 2006
Workshop on Stem Cells

To be held at the Santa Chiara College, Via Valdimontone, Siena, Italy

For further information go to www.unisi.it/eventi/stem/

20 June 2006
Cross Council Media Training for Stem Cell Researchers

To be held in London, the day has been set up to give delegates a grounding in media skills and will include sessions on how the media works, writing for general audiences, advice on radio and television audiences. It should also be a good opportunity to network with other stem cell researchers.

Places are limited. For more information or to register visit: http://www.bbsrc.ac.uk/support/communicate/training/specialist_training.html#stem

Further information etc contact Alexandra.Saxon@esrc.ac.uk

13 June 2006
London Regnerative Medicine Network June Meeting

Paul Martin, one of our SCI project leaders, will be giving a presentation at this meeting on the 'The commercial development of regenerative medicine'

Further information can be found at www.regenmednetwork.com

19-20 April 2006
Stem Cells: From Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine to Policy

This international symposium covering basic and translational stem cell research, as well as issues of regulation and policy has been organised by the University of Cambridge, Imperial College London and the University of East Anglia with the support of the East of England Stem Cell Network. The East of England Stem Cell Network is hosted by the Cambridge Genetics Knowledge Park.

Further information etc go to www.eescn.org.uk/symposium/index.htm

Report here

April-End of May 2006
Establishment of UK Stem Cell Cooperative - Online Consultation

On behalf of the UK Research Councils, the Department of Health, the Office of Science and Innovation, and the Department of Trade and Industry, BBSRC has launched an online consultation in response to Recommendation 10 of the UK Stem Cell Initiative Report (Pattison Report).

This recommendation is to establish a UK National Stem Cell Cooperative to maximize the cross-fertilization between those involved in the sub-disciplines of stem cell research. The BBSRC are therefore seeking the views of all UK stem cell researchers about how the Cooperative should be established and run, and the types of activities it should undertake. Full details of the consultation are available on the BBSRC website at the URL below and you are encouraged to provide input to the dedicated E-mail address provided. The consultation will be open until the end of May.

Further information etc go to www.bbsrc.ac.uk/society/consult/ukstemcells/Welcome.html