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Session 1: The ESRC SCI

Introduction to the Conference Presentation - pdf
Professor Andrew Webster (University of York)

Opening Keynote: Pattison and Beyond Presentation - pdf
Dr John Connolly, UK Department of Health

Session 2: SCI Core Themes

Innovation Challenges Presentation - pdf
Dr Paul Martin (Institute for Science and Society, University of Nottingham)

Regulatory Challenges Presentation - pdf
Professor Julie Kent (UWE, Bristol)

Translational Challenges Presentation - pdf
Professor Steve Wainwright (CBAS, KCL)

Key Stakeholder Responses
Dr Ian Rees (MHRA), Dr John Connolly (DoH), Dr Paul Kemp (Intercytex)
Chair: Sophie Goodchild (Health Editor, London Evening Standard)

Session 3: Local and Global Engagements

Stem Cells and Public Debate in the UK Presentation - pdf
Dr Sarah Parry & Dr Wendy Faulkner, (University of Edinburgh)

Representations of the 'Public' in Media and Policy Discourse Presentation - pdf
Professor Jenny Kitzinger, Dr Fiona Coyle & Dr Choon Key Chekar (CESAGen, Cardiff)

Regulation in Practice 1: Understanding Regulatory Bodies Presentation - pdf
Dr Neil Stephens (CESAGen, University of Cardiff)

Regulation in Practice 2: Organising the Regulated Laboratory Presentation - pdf
Dr Jamie Lewis (CESAGen, University of Cardiff)

Closing Panel on Intermediary Organisations Between Local and the Global
Professor Peter Andrews (Centre for Stem Cell Biology) Presentation - pdf & Dr Charles Hunt (UKSCB) Presentation - pdf
Chair: Andrew Webster


Session 1 Global Diversity

Keynote: Stem Cells in the USA Presentation - pdf
Professor Roger Pedersen (University of Cambridge)

International Developments in China and Japan Presentation - pdf
Dr Margaret Sleeboom-Faulkner (University of Sussex)

Global Policy and State Governance Presentation - pdf
Professor Brian Salter (REMEDiE/KCL London)

Panel: Policy Challenges Ahead
Professor Brian Salter (KCL)
Professor Francoise Baylis (Dalhousie University, Canada)
Professor Clare Williams (KCL)

Session 2 European Contexts and the Developing Research and Policy Agenda

REMEDiE Project Overview Presentation - pdf
Professor Andrew Webster (REMEDiE Coordinator, York)

Keynote Address: European Policy and Priorities for Stem Cell Research Presentation - pdf
Dr Charles Kessler (European Commission, Research Directorate-General)

Understanding Differences in Stem Cell Governance: A Comparative Perspective Presentation - pdf
Professor Herbert Gottweis (REMEDiE, LSI Vienna)

Configuring Bio-capital and the Tissue Market: Panel
Dr Nik Brown, Dr Beth Kewell Presentation - pdf & Dr Michael Morrison (REMEDiE, University of York)
Dr Kathrin Braun Presentation - pdf (REMEDiE, University of Hanover)

Configuring Bio-ethics: Cultural and Legal Discourse: Panel
Professor Itziar Alkorta Presentation - pdf (REMEDiE, University of the Basque Country)
Professor Judit Sandor Presentation - pdf (REMEDiE, CEU Budapest)

Closing Panel
Professor Donna Dickenson (University of Bristol)
Professor Herbert Gottweis (LSI Vienna)
Professor Simone Bateman (Universitaire des Sts. Peres, France)
(members of the REMEDiE Core International Advisory Group)
Chair: Professor Andrew Webster (REMEDiE Coordinator, York)

Photos taken from the drinks reception.

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