Accessibility statement

Thanzi la Onse (Health for All)

Researcher: Professor Jean Grugel

Funder: Global Challenges Research Fund

Thanzi la Onse (Health of All) is a four year, £6.7 million GCRF-funded programme, aimed at designing and promoting more effective health care services in Malawi and Uganda. The project looks to produce a locally-led analytical model to inform decision making and policy in the allocation of health care resources as a way to reduce health inequalities in eastern and southern Africa. 

This model will address the challenges faced by the region when deciding how health care is financed, organized and provided to their population to ensure ‘value for money’ in the face of limited financial, human and material resources. Ultimately, the project will contribute to the implementation of strategies towards meeting the sustainable development goal on universal health coverage.

The project will also seek to enhance research collaboration between UK and African researchers in relation to health challenges and will invest in understanding the context in which the health decisions are made. Our approach is interdisciplinary and we aim to bring together insights from health studies, epidemiology, political economy, economics and politics.

Professor Jean Grugel leads the work on governance and regionalism, exploring the inputs of civil society and regional organisations into national policy making.

Partners include Imperial College London; UCL, Overseas Development Institute; ODI, Malawi College of Medicine, University of Malawi, Public Health Institute of Malawi, MRC/UVRI Uganda Research Unit on AIDS, and the Center for Global Development (Washington).