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Week 3: Learning Community Newsletter

Posted on 26 February 2024

All the latest from the department

As the semester gets into full swing I hope you're enjoying the warmer weather and taking advantage of the opportunities on campus. For those of you in the last year of your degree don't forget to fill out the National Student Survey. We really do appreciate the feedback you give us.   

Shut up and Write is at the usual time of 12-2pm on Mondays (today). We are back in SLB/002 and will be there for the rest of the term. Come along for a cup of coffee and a chance to get some focussed writing done. (there are biscuits too!)

Finally the Politics Coffee Morning will be running as usual on Wednesday from 09:30 - 11:00 in the Politics Reception. I look forward to seeing you there for a chill start to the day. 

John Evemy (Learning Community Officer)


Exploitation, cartels and trafficking: The secrets of UK’s drug world

Tuesday 27 February 2024 6.30pm to 7.30pm, 

P/L/002 (book tickets)

In this talk, Max Daly provides insights into the key players and mechanisms driving the UK’s drug underworld - where do illicit substances come from? How are they distributed, marketed, and sold on social media, and the streets?

With tales ranging from drug smuggling schemes, trafficking, and exploitation to super cartels, ethnic gangs, and money laundering, join us for a fascinating discussion and learn more about the gears driving Britain's underground drug scene.

Cheese & Wine with Professor Shair-Rosenfield

Tuesday 27th February 7pm, 


Join PolSoc and our own Professor Sarah Shair-Rosenfield for an interesting discussion of Indonesian politics and the Indonesian general election. 

Doing Queer History in the 2020s: A roundtable for LGBTQ+ History Month

Wednesday 28th February 6pm-7.15pm, 

V/045 (book tickets)

The Department of History invites you to join us for an interdisciplinary roundtable for LGBTQ+ History Month. Four speakers will introduce their own research in LGBTQ+ histories, followed by discussion and questions chaired by Dr Tess Wingard (she/her). The event will explore how the field of queer history has evolved over the last decade, with the opening up of new archives and museums; the growing importance of trans and intersex histories; and greater attention to intersectionality with histories of race and colonialism.