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Call for papers: methods and challenges in teaching Political Theory

Posted on 10 January 2023

We encourage papers or talks on related issues applied to political theory understood as a broad discipline.

As part of the York Centre for Political Theory one day workshop on Monday 19 June 2023, we are inviting submissions of papers or talks on issues applied to political theory understood as a broad discipline including the teaching of analytical political philosophy, contemporary political theory, the history of political thought and the history of ideas, critical theory and related disciplines.

    We particularly encourage submissions from academics on teaching type contracts.

    We aim to see if there is wider interest in establishing a network in teaching political theory to support career development, organise events and develop disciplinary scholarship – with the workshop’s proceedings forming an initial publication.

    We invite papers and talks on topics including, but not limited to:

    • Appropriate methods for teaching a diversified canon or curriculum
    • Teaching of political theory in the context of current UK or wider higher education
    • The methodological challenges of teaching theory to specific cohorts of students (eg first generation; particular ethnic or class profiles; stages of degree progression)
    • Commonalities and differences in teaching different varieties of political theory  
    • The relationship between teaching political theory and political science and/or philosophy and/or other disciplines
    • The challenges of teaching political theory on different degree pathways (eg political science, philosophy, history or other degrees)
    • The history of pedagogy of political theory
    • Reflections on how teachers of political theory have developed their craft
    • Innovations in one’s teaching craft

    Please submit an abstract of no more than 250 words to both:

    The deadline for submissions is Monday 6 March 2023.