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Learning Community Newsletter Week 2

Posted on 17 January 2022

All the latest from around the department

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Hello everyone and welcome to the new term. I hope you are all looking forward to the start of teaching this week. We have a particularly great event to start the term off - the Politics Society is organising an event with the Anti-racism Working Group to discuss anti-racism and decolonisation in the University context! This continues a trend of amazing events that the Society has been organising over the last year. 

As always, if you have any events, publications or exciting news that you would like to share in the newsletter, please drop me an email!

I hope you all have a good first week of teaching, 

Elisabeth Schweiger (Learning Community Officer)


Jeremy Corbyn Managing Dissent within the Labour Party

Cheese and Wine Night with Thomas Ron

Tuesday 18th January 6:30, D/L/006

PolSoc’s famous Cheese and Wine Nights are starting off with a very interesting topic indeed. Thomas Ron discusses his PhD on how populists in mainstream parties struggle to manage dissent looking at the case study of Jeremy Corbyn in the Labour Party.

Decolonial and Anti-racism Work in the University Context: What does It Really Mean?

Wednesday 19th January 5pm, D/L/047

Investigating racism in the University context, this event aims to be radical and action-provoking. Organised by York Politics Society and the Anti-racism Working Group, the event draws on real opinions, experiences and thoughts about decolonisation and anti- racism work within academic institutions. 

Terror and the dynamism of Islamophobia in 21st century Britain

Wednesday 19th January 4pm,

Online This lecture draws on lived experiences for delineating racialised mechanisms of terror involved in the governance of Muslim populations in the ‘war on terror’ context. She links her analyses to wider concerns of nation construction and belonging; racial profiling and policing; the state of exception and pre-emptive counter-terrorism measures; community-based counter-terrorism measures; and restrictions to political engagement, freedom of speech and hate speech. Check out the event page.

Inequality, Economic Rent, Exploitation and Inequitable Distribution

Friday 21st of January 7pm, CL/A/057

This seminar will focus on the wider socioeconomic background that we deem relevant in explanation for populism movements. The main theme will be explored here is one of economic rent and neoliberal governance, both of which has been discussed widely in academia and the policy sphere.