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Learning Community Newsletter Week 9

Posted on 14 June 2021

All the latest news from the department

There is a lot going on this week! In today’s newsletter we have four fantastic events selected as well as a notification of Politics Society’s Extraordinary General Meeting that is being held this Thursday.

As well as the selected events, there is much more going on at the University. That is because we have two overlapping weeks of events. The first is York Refugee Week 2021 - a week of events and fundraising to support the work of Refugee Action York. The second is York Festival of Ideas, which is now in its second week. Under the banner of ‘Infinite Horizons’, the festival has over 150 free events taking place online and in-person. Do have a look at the programme as there really should be something for everyone in there!

I hope you all have a fantastic week, 

Jeremy Moulton (Learning Community Officer)


Brexit Alone: The path from Suez to Brexit

Monday 14th June 8pm

How might we celebrate Britain's undoubted strengths while accepting that we have slipped from the top table? How can we act as a great nation while no longer pretending to be a great power? How might we be European and global? In 1962 the American statesman Dean Acheson famously charged that Britain had lost an empire and failed to find a new role. After the humiliation of Anthony Eden's Suez expedition, Britain seemed for a time to have found an answer. Clinging to its self-image as a great island nation, it would serve as America's best friend while acknowledging its geography by signing up to membership of the European Union. Never a comfortable balancing act, for 40 years it appeared to work. In 2016 David Cameron called the Brexit referendum and blew it up. Award-winning journalist Philip Stephens, author of Britain Alone: The Path from Suez to Brexit, will paint a fascinating portrait of a nation struggling to reconcile its waning power with past glory. Register via Eventbrite

Legislation vs Extinction: Interrogating Climate Policy 

Tuesday 15th June 7pm

From Politics Society: ‘When  politicians talk climate, how can we know if they are blowing hot air? What, if any, models exist for robust climate policy, and what forces decide whether they are put into practice? We’ll be discussing these questions with York’s very own Professor Neil Carter, an expert in environmental politics. Audiences questions are very much welcome!’. To attend the meeting, find the link through PolSoc’s Linktree.  

European entertainment television and the translational politics of ‘race’: insights from the Eurovision Song Contest 

Wednesday 16th June 12pm

The Eurovision Song Contest, which was first held in 1956 and has become the world's most-watched live non-sporting international event, is a site of contention around numerous dynamics in international politics - including the 'popular geopolitics' of national, European and sexual identity-making that emerge through its content and reactions to it. Dr Catherine Baker (University of Hull) will be presenting at this Politics Research Seminar on how Eurovision might be most significant as an example of how popular culture and world politics are racialised is in fact it's transnational nature - as a forum where numerous, distinct national frameworks of race and racialisation come into contact through the interactions between participants and community members from more than 40 countries, some which were directly involved in European colonial projects overseas and others which were not. Join via Zoom

A University for All 

Wednesday 16th June 6:30pm

Join the University of York as it celebrates becoming a ‘University of Sanctuary’. In this event, the University of York presents the debut of its film ‘A University for All’ which tells the story of how it became a University of Sanctuary for refugees, asylum seekers, human rights defenders and those in need of humanitarian protection. The film will be followed by a round-table discussion with some of the film participants chaired by Dr Sara de Jong of the University of York’s Migration Network. The round-table will be followed by a musical performance by the Dan Webster Band (7.30-8.00pm). Register via Eventbrite

Politics Society EGM

On Thursday 17th June at 7pm, PolSoc will be holding an Extraordinary General Meeting, giving members the opportunity to vote for the creation and election of new positions on the Committee, including two new Research Officer roles. There will also be an election for the existing Disabled Students Officer position, which is now vacant.

Being involved in the PolSoc Committee is a fantastic way to get involved in the life of our Department - so whether you are already involved in the Society or looking to dive in, I would thoroughly recommend running for one of these roles if you think you are suitable! To attend the meeting, find the link through PolSoc’s Linktree.