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Future of Capitalism #12: Renewing the welfare state

Posted on 4 May 2021

Professor Louise Haagh debate

Louise Haagh at the Cambridge Union April 2018

Professor Louise Haagh took part in the debate "Future of Capitalism #12: Renewing the welfare state" published on YouTube this week.

The panel debated Universal Basic Income, Universal Basic Services and Modern Monetary Theory, and featured Warren Mosler, Louise Haagh, and Andrew Percy.


Over the last year, the welfare state has been at the core of public debates as the coronavirus pandemic revealed existing weaknesses and required additional support for people. Various innovative ideas, such as an unconditional universal basic income, job guarantee and universal basic services, today seem less radical and utopian than they used to be. But should we put our faithfully in one of these options, seeing it as a silver bullet solution to all of our problems? Or should we, instead, advocate for an innovative combination that brings together the strengths of different ideas?