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Brexit, Covid and Climate Colluding to Raise U.K. Food Prices

Posted on 26 October 2020

Supermarket prices in Britain could start increasing in coming months as food supplies get pummeled by a triple whammy of Brexit, Covid-19 and weather-struck harvests.

Professor Tony Heron image

Professor Tony Heron gives his opinion on "Brexit, Covid and Climate Colluding to Raise U.K. Food Prices" on this weekend.

While some have praised the food system’s resilience during the pandemic -- with stores quickly restocking after shortages when lockdowns began -- that was all during the U.K.’s time in the one market, said Tony Heron, professor of international political economy at the University of York. Removing that buffer just as Europe goes through another surge of infections will prove a tougher test.

“It’s a very visible, tangible effect if prices start to shift or if certain produce becomes unavailable,” he said.