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Paid Student Internship Opportunity

Posted on 13 May 2020

to work with Dr. Claire Q Smith

Dr. Claire Q Smith has a PT (20 hrs), 8 weeks, Research Assistant Internship: Myanmar, and (the Failure of) Atrocity Prevention available for students (UG years 1 or 2, or MA).

This is a great chance to develop your skills as a political scientist! and would be ideal for any 2nd year or MA student in particular, who want to do something research-related and get paid for it over the summer!

Project details

Myanmar and (the Failure of) Atrocity Prevention: The scope for a Southeast Asian approach to protecting the Rohingya minority
The research project seeks to investigate the role of non-Western governments in having an impact on the reduction of violence by other non-Western states against minority groups. The project has international policy and scholarly relevance as the efforts of many Western governments to put pressure on non-Western governments to reduce violence against national minority groups have, in many cases, failed, and indeed sometimes back-fired and exacerbated violence. In particular, the project seeks to explore a contemporary case study from Southeast Asia in more depth. The project investigates the role of the Indonesian government in lobbying the Myanmar government towards meeting its international obligations under international human rights law, and to reduce human rights violations against the minority Rohingya group, which is currently one of the most persecuted minority groups in the world. 

The project forms part of a wider study lead by the Norwegian Centre of Holocaust and Minority Studies (Oslo) on the role of states, non-state actors, international law and global political institutions, including the UN, in reducing violence against and building protections for the Rohingya minority group in Myanmar. The final output of the overall study will be a special issue with a leading journal in the field of international human rights and law, Global Responsibility to Protect, forthcoming in 2021. This particular project contributes one journal article to that special edition, on the bilateral role of Indonesia in working with the Myanmar government, titled, “The scope for a Southeast Asian approach to protecting the Rohingya minority.” 

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