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New John Dunn Essay Prize in Political Theory

Posted on 20 May 2016

The Department of Politics is delighted to announce a new annual prize awarded to the best essay in political theory, named in honour of Professor John Dunn.

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Earlier this month, John Dunn, one of the world’s leading political theorists and experts on the idea of democracy, came to York to give a public lecture on theme ‘Why democracies fail and how they can succeed’. Professor Dunn is the author of many books, including The Political Thought of John Locke (1969), The Cunning of Unreason: Making Sense of Politics (2000); Setting the People Free: The Story of Democracy (2005), and Breaking Democracy's Spell (2014), but he is also renowned for his essays, from The Politics of Socialism: An essay in political theory (1984), to essays on topics as diverse as humanitarian intervention, West African politics, political obligation, trust, freedom, and the history of political theory, collected together and published in a series of volumes from the Cambridge and Princeton University Presses.  It is a special pleasure, therefore, to announce that Professor Dunn has given his support to a prize to be awarded annually by the Department of Politics to the author of the best essay in political theory in any module (including the dissertation), at any degree stage. The first recipient of this prestigious prize will be announced soon.