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Ukraine and Information Warfare

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Wednesday 4 May 2022, 4.00PM to 6:00 PM

Speaker(s): Valerie Kovtun and Mark Laity

With the ongoing war in the Ukraine and the misinformation campaign by the Russian government, the question of information warfare is becoming ever more pressing.

We have invited two external speakers as well as our own Prof. Graeme Davies. Valerie Kovtun is from the Ministry of Culture and Information Policy in Ukraine and Mark Laity has worked as NATO spokesperson and BBC correspondent. The event will discuss misleading narratives present on social media and provide an insight to the current narratives spread by the Russian government, the response of the government and media platforms, and an assessment of its effectiveness. There will be drinks and time for questions and discussion. Don’t miss out!

Location: Derwent Senior Common Room

Admission: Free, All welcome