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France: A Year from the Most Crucial Election in a Generation

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Thursday 13 May 2021, 6.30PM to 8:00 PM

Speaker(s): Dr. Soraya Hamdaoui

With members of the army writing letters to newspapers about the possibility of a coup and a fishing fleet failing to lay siege to Jersey, France is in a period of large turbulence. Even with the elections a year away, they are still very much present in the minds of the French politicians. Join us to find out about what has happened and what could happen in the year leading to one of the most critical elections France has ever seen.


  • Dr Soraya Hamdaoui of the University of York,
  • Dr Alexis Boutefou-Moraitis of the University of Lancaster
  • Dr Elodie Fabre of Queen's University Belfast
  • Ms Chloé Alexandre of Sciences Po Grenoble 
  • Mr Thomás Zicman de Barros of Sciences Po Paris


  •  Mr Alexander Bartlett of the University of York

Location: Virtual via Zoom

Admission: Free, all welcome