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Why do some far right parties do better than others?

Thursday 21 January 2016, 12.00PM

Speaker(s): David Cole

The Department of Politics is pleased to announce the speakers for the Spring 2016 Graduate Colloquium. Attendance is open to all PhD students. A 20 minute presentation covering core aspects of a PhD project will be followed by 30 minutes of Q & A.

The autumn term schedule is:

Week 3: Why do some far right parties far better than others? David Cole

Week 4: From consensus to polarisation: What explains variation in political party agreement on climate change? Fay Farstad

Week 7: Post-financial crisis regulatory reform and the UK Private Security Industry 2010-2015. Seb Booth

Series convenors: João Terrenas ( and Lingmin Kong (

Location: RCSS Boardroom