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Dr Jing Wu



BSc (Sichuan University, China), PhD (Exeter)

Summary of interests

  • Experimental studies of ultrafast spin dynamics in technical relevant magnetic materials
  • Experimental studies of ultrafast spin/carrier dynamics in two-dimensional materials
  • Experimental studies of generation and control skyrmion in magnetic nanostructures



In current technologies, the operating frequency of transistors is fundamentally limited by the use of electrons and their limited drift velocity. Employing electron spins as an additional degree of freedom and making use of femtosecond optical manipulation of spins opens up exciting new opportunities. Optical manipulation of spins with a characteristic timescale in the THz would increase operation frequency by three orders of magnitude faster compared to current transistor technology.

My research is focused on experimental studies of optical manipulation of spin/electron systems with the aim to determine magnetic order at femtosecond times scales. These involve investigations of the interaction between photons and spin/electron systems with tailoring of photon energy/angular momentum and material properties/structures. My research lab has the facilities including a femtosecond optical pump-probe MOKE microscope with low temperature capacity, a wide-field MOKE microscope with low temperature capacity, and a picosecond high pulsed-field pump-probe MOKE microscope.


  • Femtomagnetism: ultrafast laser manipulation of magnetic ordering
  • Valley dynamics: ultrafast spin/jcarrier dynamics in two dimensional materials
  • Skyrmion: generation and control of Skyrmion


  • Xianyang Li (PhD)
  • Yichuan Wang (PhD)
  • Guanqi Li (PhD)
  • Junlin Wang (PhD)
  • Xiangyu Zheng (PhD)



  • Year 3 Modern Optics
  • Year 1 Laboratories
  • Foundation Year Laboratories

Jing Wu

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