Sarah Thompson



BSc, PhD (Durham),CPhys, FInstP

Summary of expertise

  • Magnetic thin films and multilayers
  • Spin-dependent transport
  • Spintronics
  • Remote sensing of magnetoresistance
  • Infra red spectroscopy of magnetic thin films and multi-layers



Research Group: Condensed Matter Physics

Research Interests

A member of the Condensed Matter Physics Group in the Department, my main research interests lie in magnetic thin films and multilayers, spin-dependent transport, spintronics, remote sensing of magnetoresistance and infra-red spectroscopy of magnetic thin films and multilayers. At the heart of this research is the electron - the ultimate nanomagnet. Consequently, an electron travelling through a magnetic material or in a magnetic field notices the magnetism and is affected by it. Working on the nanoscale it is possible to manipulate the electron with magnets and nanoscale magnetic materials and thereby design new functional magnetic materials with practical uses and to explore the underpinning physics.


  • New spintronic materials:
    • exploring the potential of Fe3O4 as an efficient spin-injector
    • electrical characterisation of the metal-semiconductor interface for spin-injection
  • Development of the magnetorefractive effect as an remote sensor of spin-dependent transport
  • Thermal atomic force microscopy as a tool for studying nanoscale electronic properties

Research group(s)

  • Dr Siew Wai Poon


  • Mr Chris Kelley


Professor Sarah Thompson

Department of Physics
University of York
YO10 5DD
Tel: +44 (0)1904 322252
Fax: +44 (0)1904 322214
Room: P/AC08




  • Tutoring Stage 1 Quantum Physics 
  • BSc and MPhys Projects on Thermal Atomic force Microscopy
  • I have previously taught a range of modules on thermal physics, solid state physics and magnetism as well as Year 2 Experimental Laboratory

Other teaching

  • Outreach lectures on: Designer Magnets, Electronics in a Spin and SeeINfra red

External activities


Vice President Institute of Physics (Science and Innovation)