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A view of the interior of the Joint European Torus (JET) with (right) and without (left) a fusion plasma.

Magnetic Confinement Fusion People


Research Staff

Profile picture Dr Peter Hill
Kari Niemi Dr Kari Niemi

Postdoctoral Researchers

Chris Bowman Dr Christopher Bowman
Staff Profile Dr Alexandre Fil
Profile Pic Dr Koki Imada

PhD Students

CDT Phd Student Joe Allen
Michail Anastopoulis Tzanis Michail-Savvas Anastopoulos-Tzanis
CDT Phd Student Stephen Biggs
Alexandra Dudkovskaia
Profile Picture Matthew Dunn
Profile Picture Fabio Federici
PHD Student 2016 Chen Geng
CDT Student Laszlo Horvath Laszlo Horvath 
CDT Phd Student Andrew Malcolm-Neale
CDT Phd Student Omkar Myatra
CDT Phd Student Thomas Nicholas
CDT Phd Student Simon Orchard
CDT Phd Student Bhavin Patel
Siobhan Smith Siobhan Smith
Profile Picture Steven Thomas
CDT PHd Student Sam Ward
Michael Wigram Michael Wigram
Hannah Willett
Benjamin Woods Benjamin Woods


Peshwaz Abdoul Dr Peshwaz Abdoul


Peshwaz Abdoul

Dr Peshwaz Abdoul 


Destination: Sulaymanuya University


Dr Andrew Allen

Research Fellow

Destination: Nottingham University

James Beal

Dr James Beale

Destination: Kilburn & Strode

Arkaprava Bokshi

Dr Arkaprava Bokshi


Destination: CCFE

Chris Bowman

Dr Christopher Bowman


Destination: CCFE

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Dr Erasmus Du Toit

Destination: Nedgroup Investments

Luke Easy

Dr Luke Easy

Software Engineer

Destination: The Mathworks


Dr Simon Freethy


Destination: Max Planck Institute for Plasma Physics 

Sophia Henneberg

Dr Sophia Henneberg


Destination: IPP Greifswald


Dr Alexander Lampson

Software Developer

Destination: Fospha

Jarrod Leddy - a Post Doc at York Plasma Institute

Dr Jarrod Leddy

Destination: Techex

Dr Matthew Leyland

Trainee Patent Attorny

Destination: Lincoln IP

Amelia Dowsett

Dr Amelia Lunniss

Destination: SEC

Rachel McAdams

Dr Rachel McAdams

Litigation Technology Specialist

Destination: Baker Mckenzie


Dr David Ryan


Destination: CCFE

Brendan Shanahan

Dr Brendan Shanahan


Destination: IPP Greifswald

Jack Snape

Dr Jack Snape

Senior Policy Officer

Destination: Department of Business, Innovation & Skills

David Thomas

Dr David Thomas

Energy Analyst

Destination: Poyry


Dr Andrew Thornton


Destination: CCFE

Nick Walkden

Dr Nicholas Walkden


Destination: CCFE

Tom Williams

Dr Thomas Williams

Mathematic Modeller

Destination: Amex Foster Wheeler

Lucy Wilson

Dr Lucy Wilson

Destination: AWE

Dr Alistair Wynn

Graduate Infrastructure Advisory

Destination: Arup



Thursday 18 October Simon Freethy,  CCFE

Recent Turbulence Measurements in Asdex Upgrade

Friday 18 May 2018 Dr. Hyun-Tae Kim EUROfusion responsible officer for JET campaigns

EUROfusion programme for JET research and future plan (2018-2020)

Abstract (PDF , 307kb)

Wednesday 20 March 2018 Prof. Yuichi Takase School of Science, University of Tokyo

Non-inductive current drive research on the TST-2 spherical tokamak

Thursday 11 January 2018 Prof. Robin Grimes,  Imperial College, London

The Future of Nuclear Fuels and Materials through Atomic Scale Modelling

Abstract (PDF , 185kb)

Friday 22 September 2017 Saksia Mordijck The College of William and Mary, Virginia, USA

Changes in particle transport as a result of Resonant Magnetic Perturbations 

Abstract (PDF , 5kb)


Tuesday 4th July Dr Richard Buttery General Atomics, USA

Talk 2: The Advanced Tokamak Path to a Compact Fusion Power Plant

Abstract (PDF , 179kb)


Monday 3rd July  Dr Richard Buttery General Atomics, USA

Talk 1: DIII-D Research to Advance the Path Toward Fusion Energy

Abstract (PDF , 179kb)


Monday 5th June 2017 Dr. Michael Brookman General Atomics/University of Texas at Austin, U.S

Experimental Edge Fluctuation Broadening of ECRF on the DIII-D Tokamak

External Seminars (PDF , 374kb)


Friday 24 March 2017 Dr David Pfau Google DeepMind

Deep Learning and its Applications to Generative Models

Dr David Pfau (PDF , 96kb)

Monday 13 March 2017 Francesca Poli PPPL The Role of Integrated Modeling in Discharge Prediction and Development of more Robust Algorithms for Real Time Control