Accessibility statement

Dr John Bissell

Senior Lecturer in Engineering Mathematics


Tel: +44 (0)1904 32 2828

Areas of Expertise: Thermal convection; hydrodynamics and magnetised fluids; plasma transport and instability; dynamical systems; numerical analysis.




  • Ph.D. (Imperial College London)
  • M.A. (University of Cambridge)

Previous posts:

  • Senior Teaching Fellow, University of Warwick (2018-2019).
  • Teaching Fellow, University of Bath (2015-2017).
  • Research Associate, University of Durham (2012-2015).


Research interests

  • Thermal convection, and buoyancy driven instability.
  • Non-linear heat-flow, collisional transport, and kinetic theory.
  • Dynamical systems (especially ecological and sociological systems).
  • Theory and simulation of laser-produced plasmas.
  • Numerical analysis (sparse matrices, implicit solvers, and Chebychev-T algorithms).



  • Foundation Year Mathematics I
  • Foundation Year Mathematics II
  • First Year Engineering Mathematics
  • Second Year Group Projects
  • Third Year B.Eng. Individual Projects
  • Fourth Year M.Eng. Individual Projects



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Books Edited

J. J. Bissell, C. C. S. Caiado, S. E. Curtis, M. Goldstein and B. Straughan (Editors), Tipping Points : Modelling Social Problems and Health, Wiley (2015).

Book Chapters

J. J. Bissell, Chapter 10: “Conformity Bias and Catastrophic Social Change” in Tipping Points : Modelling Social Problems and Health, Bissell and Caiado et al., Wiley (2015).

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Conference Proceedings and Scientific Briefings

M. Read, R. J. Kingham, and J. J. Bissell, The influence of magnetised electron transport on thermal self-focusing and channelling of nanosecond laser beams, Journal of Physics: Conference Series, 717(1): 012111 (2016).

J. J. Bissell, Resilience of UK Infrastructure, Parliamentary Office of Science & Technology, POSTnote 362, Publications of the U.K. Parliament (2010).