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Matt Hodgson
Associate Lecturer



I am an Associate Lecturer in the School of Physics, Engineering and Technology specialising in theoretical physics. My research focuses on the fundamentals of quantum theory and its application to modelling the electron excitation properties of materials. 

  • PhD in physics, The University of York, UK (2012-2016)
  • MPhys in theoretical physics with First class honours, The University of York, UK (2008-2012)


  • Associate Lecturer of theoretical physics, The University of York, UK (2021-)
  • Visiting Research Scientist, Durham University, UK (2019-2021)
  • Researcher, Max Planck Institute of Microstructure Physics, Germany (2016-2019)


School roles

  • Coordinator of the virtual learning environment 
  • UCAS interviewer



  • Third-year Advanced Theoretical Techniques
  • Second-year Computational & Mathematical Techniques for Theoretical Physics
  • Head of the third-year Advanced Computational Lab for term 1
  • Second-year Mathematics.



My overall research aim is to bring the unparalleled success of density functional theory (DFT) to the calculation of electronic excited states. I am an author of the iDEA code, which models many-body electron behaviour exactly in 1D as well as exact and approximate DFT, time-dependent DFT, and many-body perturbation theories. By modelling electrons in the absence of approximation, I identify why commonly used approximations are unreliable. This insight then informs the development of more reliable approximations for use in practical calculations.  


Selected publications

  • "Machine learning the derivative discontinuity of density-functional theory" J. Gedeon, J. Schmidt, M. J. P. Hodgson, J. Wetherell, C. L. Benavides-Riveros and M. A. L. Marques, 2022 Mach. Learn.: Sci. Technol. 3 015011 (2021) 
  • "Exact expressions for the height of the interatomic step in the exchange-correlation potential from the derivative discontinuity of the energy" M. J. P. Hodgson, Physical Review A 104 032803 (2021) 
  • "From Kohn-Sham to many-electron energies via step structures in the exchange-correlation potential" E. Kraisler, M. J. P. Hodgson and E. K. U. Gross, Journal of Chemical Theory and Computation 17 (3), 1390–1407 (2021) 
  • "Exact exchange-correlation potentials for calculating the fundamental gap with a fixed number of electrons" M. J. P. Hodgson, J. Wetherell and E. Fromager, Physical Review A 103, 012806 (2021) 
  • "Accurate real-time evolution of electron densities and ground-state properties from generalized Kohn-Sham theory" M. J. P. Hodgson and J. Wetherell, Physical Review A 101, 032502 (2020) 
  • "How Interatomic Steps in the Exact Kohn-Sham Potential Relate to Derivative Discontinuities of the Energy" M. J. P. Hodgson, E. Kraisler, A. Schild, and E. K. U. Gross, The Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters 8 (24), 5974–5980 (2017) 
  • "Origin of static and dynamic steps in exact Kohn-Sham potentials" M. J. P. Hodgson, J. D. Ramsden and R. W. Godby, Physical Review B 93, 155146 (2016) (Editors' Suggestion).

Full publications list

For a full list of my publications see my personal webpage

School of Physics, Engineering and Technology
University of York
YO10 5DD
Room: A/010

External activities


  • European Theoretical Spectroscopy Facility (2010-)
  • Institute of Physics (2008-2022)
  • Royal Society of Chemistry (2020-2022).