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Dr Elham Hosseinzadeh

Lecturer in Energy Storage and Conversion



School Research Theme:

Areas of Expertise: Fuel Cell, Battery, Electrolyser, Thermal Management, Numerical Modelling


From Jan 2023 I started as a lecturer within department of electronic engineering, School of Physics, Engineering and Technology at the University of York, focusing on energy storage (batteries and fuel cells) and thermal management of battery cells/packs. I have been an active researcher in the field of energy storage systems over the last 15 years with both academic and industrial experience (Technical University of Denmark; IRD Fuel Cell Company; WMG-University of Warwick; Dyson Ltd).
I received my Ph.D from Technical University of Denmark, department of mechanical engineering in 2013 with focus on PEM Fuel cell system modelling and optimisation and its application for forklift truck. After finishing my Ph.D I joined IRD Fuel cell company in Denmark, where I could expand my knowledge by being involved in several industrial projects and working with additional types of fuel cells (DMFC), and PEM electrolyser. I joined WMG, University of Warwick in 2016 as a research fellow during which I worked on different aspects of design, performance and thermal management of battery cell/module through EPSRC and HVM Catapult-JLR grants. In 2020 I joined Dyson energy storage team as a lead engineer and continued my research on batteries and learned real-world challenges for battery manufacturing.


Research Interests

  • Energy storage (Fuel cell and battery) modelling, design and system integration
  • Thermal management of battery cell/pack
  • Electrified transport systems (automotive and aerospace)
  • Renewable Energies
  • Computational modelling

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Renewable Power Generation

Fuel Cell and Battery Technologies


Please get in touch for research opportunities in our group.




Please get in touch for research opportunities in our group.