Accessibility statement

Dr Chun Zhao 

Lecturer in Microengineering
Areas of Expertise:
MEMS/NEMS, Sensors, Resonators, Nonlinear Dynamics, Microfabrication



2005 - 2009: Huazhong University of Science and Technology, China (BEng in Control and Instrumentation)
2009 - 2010: Imperial College London, UK (MSc in Analog and Digital Integrated Circuit Design)
2011 - 2015: University of Southampton, UK (PhD in EEE & CS specialising in Micro-Electro-Mechanical Systems)


2015 - 2016: Sharp Laboratories in Europe, UK (Research Scientist in Micro-scale Acoustic Devices)
2016 - 2018: University of Cambridge, UK (Research Associate in MEMS)
2018 - 2021: Huazhong University of Science and Technology, China (Associate Professor in Precision Measurements)
2022 - present: University of York (Lecturer/Assistant Professor in Microengineering)


I have been an active researcher in the field of MEMS sensors and devices since 2011, and contributed to the development of (1) MEMS sensors based on weakly coupled resonators (aka. mode-localised sensors); (2) high-resolution miniature accelerometers (ng level - a billionth of the gravitational acceleration on Earth); (3) high-performance MEMS sensors employing nonlinear effects and/or modal-interactions within resonant structures, and (4) piezoelectric vibration energy harvesters.

I am currently interested in investigating 2D materials and/or interesting physical phenomena for improving the performance of MEMS and NEMS devices. At the same time, I am equally interested in applying these devices to a wide range of applications, such as biosensors, environmental sensors, novel computing, photonics and quantum systems.

I currently serve as an Associate Editor for the IEEE Sensors Journal.

I have active research collaborations with the University of Cambridge, the University of Southampton, KU Leuven, and TU Delft, and I am always looking for new collaboration opportunities.

Contact me

If you are interested in my research, research collaboration (e.g. industrial collaboration, academic visits), and doing research projects (postdoctoral, PhD, Masters and UG) with me, please feel free to drop me an email at:


A full list of publications can be found on my Google Scholar page.