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Human-Environment Interactions

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Rob Marchant (theme lead) Palaeoecology, biogeography, climate and ecosystem modelling

Geoff Bailey  Palaeolithic archaeology, Quaternary and submerged landscapes

Colin Beale  African savannah ecology, ecological techniques, spatial analysis

Oliver Craig  Stable isotopes and palaeoecology

Roland Gehrels  Sea level changes, Quaternary science, coastal environments

Andreas Heinemeyer  Holocene peatland development, modelling, carbon stock & fluxes, management, climate change

Jon Hill Numerical modelling, coastal environment

Robyn Inglis  Human dispersals and environmental change

Paul Lane  Historical ecologies of East African landscapes

Nicky Milner  Mesolithic archaeology, palaeodiet, settlement and mobility, climate change

Terry O’Connor  Zooarchaeology

Richard Payne Palaeoecology, geochronology, environmental change

Kirsty Penkman  Geochronology, Quaternary palaeoclimate, palaeolithic

John Schofield  Landscape, cultural heritage

Katherine Selby  Sea level reconstruction, coastal geomorphology, palaeoenvironments

Camilla Speller  Ancient DNA, proteomics, environmental archaeology

Susan Stepney  Computational modelling and simulation