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Emergence of Mind and Society

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Penny Spikins (theme lead) Human origins and early prehistory, cognitive and social evolution

Greg Currie  The aesthetics of ancient artefacts, social cognition, the arts

Rob Jenkins  Cognitive science - perception, attention, and memory

Peter Lamarque  The evolution of aesthetics, narrative, imagination

Paul Noordhof  Philosophy of mind, metaphysics, meta-ethics, philosophy of art

Amanda Rees  History of prehistory, biology and human-animal relations

Chris Renwick  History of biology and social science since the early 1800s

Katie Slocombe  Evolutionary comparative psychology, communication and cognition

Will Smith  3D shape from images, modelling variation

Martón Soskuthy Language change, computational modelling, phonetics and phonology, language evolution

Tom Stoneham  Consciousness, perception and imagination as evolved capacities

George Tsoulas  Evolution of language, syntax, semantics, and pragmatics

Barry Wright  Autism, child mental health, psychological medicine, neurodevelopment