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Biological Evolution

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How we evolved as physical beings forms a central focus of research. Our internationally recognised research includes studies of ancient biomolecules with strengths in proteins, lipids, DNA and stable isotopes, of hominin fossils and more recent remains alongside strengths in hominin functional anatomy, ontogeny and paleopathology, and mammalian functional morphology.

Paul O’Higgins (theme lead) Palaeoanthropology, skeletal evolution, morphometrics

Michelle Alexander  Stable isotope analysis, ancient DNA analysis, palaeodiet

Sam Cobb  Evolution, growth and development of the skeleton and dentition

Matthew Collins  Ancient proteins, amino acid geochronology, proteomics

Philip Cox  Evolutionary and functional morphology, masticatory biomechanics

Oliver Craig  Biomolecular archaeology

Laura Fitton  Skeletal and dental form function and evolution, virtual anthropology

Malin Holst  Palaeopathology

David Howard  Voice production and synthesis applied to fossils

Nick Pears  3D shape, computer vision, pattern recognition, machine learning