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The Morrell Conference

The Morrell Conference was held annually from 1983 until 1991.  It is now held biennially.  The conferences are arranged around themes with (usually) about eight papers being given by invited speakers over three days.  By precirculating the papers and keeping the conference small (rarely more than 25 people) the organisers try to encourage a conversational atmosphere of ongoing discussion.

Many of the conferences have generated subsequent publications as detailed below:-

  • Punishment and Political Theory, Matt Matravers (ed.) (Hart Publishing, 1999)
  • Toleration, Identity and Difference, John Horton and Susan Mendus (eds.) (Macmillan Press Ltd, 1999)
  • Literature and the Political Imagination, John Horton and Andrea Baumeister (eds.) (Routledge, 1996)
  • After MacIntyre, John Horton and Susan Mendus (eds.) (Polity Press, 1994)
  • Liberalism, Multiculturalism and Toleration, John Horton (ed.) (Macmillan Press Ltd, 1993)
  • Toleration: Philosophy and Practice, John Horton and Peter Nicholson (eds.) (Avebury, 1992)
  • John Locke - A Letter Concerning Toleration, John Horton and Susan Mendus (eds.) (Routledge, 1991)
  • Justifying Toleration, Susan Mendus (ed.), (Cambridge University Press, 1988)

Conference Themes

2012 Toleration and the Law (joint with the UK Analytic Legal and Political Philosophy Conference)
2010 Children, Schools and Families
2008 Self-censorship II (private users only)
2007 Self-censorship (private users only)
2005 Toleration (25th anniversary conference)
2003 The Culture of Control
2001 Contractualism
1999 Sovereignty and Political Theory
1997 Political Theory and Punishment
1995 Toleration, Identity and Difference
1993 Political Theory and Literature
1991 After MacIntyre
1990 Toleration, Pluralism and Multiculturalism
1989 Current Issues in Toleration
1988 Liberty
1987 Royal Institute of Philosophy Conference: Philosophy and Medical Welfare
1986 Liberalism
1985 Toleration
1984 Toleration
1983 Toleration