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The Morrell Memorial Address on Toleration

The W B and J B Morrell Memorial Address on Toleration was founded to honour the founder of the Morrell Trust, John Bowes Morrell, and his son William Bowes who helped realise his father’s vision for a Centre on Toleration.

The Address is designed to encourage a significant contribution to thought on the subject of toleration and is delivered annually by “a person of the highest national or international eminence”, according to the direction of the trustees’ wishes.  The first was given by Professor Sir Karl Popper and the high standard of addressees has been maintained ever since by philosophers, politicians, judges, journalists, religious leaders, and activists, amongst many others.

A volume of the Addresses was published in 1999 by Edinburgh University Press under the title The Politics of Toleration.  Other books arising out of the programme are D Edwards & S L Mendus (eds.) On Toleration (Oxford University Press 1987), J Horton & S L Mendus (eds.) Aspects of Toleration (Methuen 1985), and S L Mendus (ed.) Justifying Toleration (Cambridge 1988).

The hope of the Trustees is that each address will make a contribution to thought on the subject, and yet be in a language that can be readily appreciated by the educated layman.


Peter Tatchell

 John Wolfenden: Tolerance versus acceptance


Jeremy Waldron

Toleration and Calumny 


Nicola Lacey Toleration and Criminal Justice (PDF , 200kb)
2010 Baroness Onora O'Neill Toleration, Self-Expression and Communication
2008 Lord Richard Harries Can Religions Learn to be Tolerant? (PDF  , 49kb)
2007 Caryl Phillips Colour Me English
2006 Oliver Letwin MP Why Tolerance
2005 Lord Bikhu Parekh The Politics of Identity
2005 Professor Quentin Skinner Three Concepts of Liberty
2003 Baroness Susan Greenfield Will future generations be more or less tolerant of individual weakness?
2001 Will Kymlicka Tolerance, Justice and Security: comparing minority rights in the West and Eastern Europe
2000 Mark Tully Democracy - Is there a better form of Government? The Indian Experience
1999 Janet Suzman The Importance of Being Earnest: Toleration in Practice
1998 Professor Alasdair MacIntyre Toleration and the Goods of Conflict
1996 Rabbi Julia Neuberger Religious Toleration in the UK: is it Feasible?
1995 Helena Kennedy Q.C. The Politics of Intolerance
1994 Michael Ignatieff Nationalism and Toleration
1992 Professor Bernard Williams Tolerating the Intolerable
1991 Dr George Carey Tolerating Religion
1990 Professor Christopher Hill Toleration in 17th Century England: theory and practice
1989 Sir Edward Heath Toleration and Politics
1988 Dr Garret Fitzgerald, T.D. Toleration or Solidarity?
1987 Baroness Warnock The Limits of Toleration
1986 Professor Maurice Cranston John Locke and the Case for Toleration
1985 Professor Sir Alfred Ayer Sources of Intolerance
1984 Lord Gerry Fitt Toleration in Northern Ireland
1983 Lord Scarman Toleration and the Law
1982 Professor Ralf Dahrendorf Pluralism, Democracy and Toleration
1982 Professor F A Hayek Individual and Collective Aims
1981 Professor Sir Karl Popper Toleration and Intellectual Responsibility

The 2011 Address delivered by Professor Nicola Lacey

 Nicola Lacey delivering 2011 address

Audience at Morrell address 2011