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Bill Cooke
Professor in Strategic Management (Director of Research)



Bill Cooke is Professor of Strategic Management in The York Management School.  He was previously Professor of Management and Society and Head of Department of Organization Work and Technology at Lancaster University Management School. Before that he was at Manchester and at Teesside Universities. As a relative latercomer to academia, he has also worked as a management consultant and a pizza chef.

Bill is Vice-Chair, Research and Publication of the British Academy of Management for the calendar years 2014-5. He led the Critical Management Studies Interest Group of the US Academy of Management to Division status, and also serves on the executive of the Organization Development and Change Division.

Subject Group

Work Management and Organisation



Bill is known for his work on the spatial and temporal spread of management ideas. That is, he researches the spread of management ideas around the world, and over time. He is particularly interested in trajectories which challenge the accepted wisdom that ‘business’ is the agent of the spread of managerialism, and so focuses on the role of international organizations like the World Bank, and of modern imperialism in the formation of the modern world.

He has a particular, but not exclusive, interest in ‘soft management’ which seeks to change the attitudes of workers – change management, culture change, participatory method and consultancy. He has also written on slavery and management.



Bill is currently working on the postwar transatlantic relationship between the Tavistock Institute of Human Relations in London, and the Research Center for Group Dynamics at MIT/University of Michigan. He is also working on the foundation of management education in Brazil, and the imperial footing of organisation studies.

Research group(s)

Bill is a member of the International Business, Management, and Strategy Group at TYMS



Bill is currently supervising Anindita Banerjee (Postcolonial history of socio-technical systems theory), Arun Kumar (Modernist Philanthropy in India) and Daniel da Silva Lacerda (managerialising Favelas) at Lancaster.

He is keen to supervise PhD students in his area of interest, through the full PhD path, or as part of a ‘sandwich’ PhD process.


Selected publications


Cooke, B. & Alcadipani, R. 2014, Towards A Global History Of Management Education: The Case Of The Ford Foundation And The São Paulo School Of Business Administration, Brazil’ Academy of Management Learning and Education, published ahead of print September 29, 2014, doi:10.5465/amle.2013.0147

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Edited Books

Dar, S & Cooke B 2008, (eds) The New Development Management: Critiquing the Dual Modernization. Zed Books, London.

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