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Dr Beatrice D'Ippolito
Senior Lecturer in Strategic Management



Beatrice D'Ippolito is Senior Lecturer in Strategic Management. Her research focuses on the emergence and development of mechanisms of knowledge creation and diffusion that connect the micro level of firm dynamics with the meso level of industry evolution. She conducted extensive qualitative and archival research in Italian design-intensive firms.

As a Research Fellow at Grenoble Ecole de Management, France, Dr D'Ippolito's interest on firm and industry evolution were narrowed down to explore how inter-firm collaborations may yield innovation and constitute source of growth. She did so in two different empirical contexts, that is, science-based firms and new energy technologies firms.

Since joining The York Management School, Dr D'Ippolito has nurtured further her interest on the innovation dynamics that characterise creative firms; in particular, she is intrigued by how digital technologies are shaping processes of media content production and distribution.

Her research has been published in top-tier academic journals such as Research Policy, Industry and Innovation, and Technovation. Dr D'Ippolito currently supervises two PhD students and has teaching experience at master and bachelor level across different institutions, that is, University of Manchester, Grenoble Ecole de Management, Universita' Cattolica del Sacro Cuore, and University of York.


PhD, University of Manchester, UK (ESRC Fellowship)

MRes, University of Manchester, UK (ESRC Fellowship)

MSc, Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore, Italy

BBA, University of Lancaster, UK

Subject Group

Work Management and Organisation



Dr D'Ippolito's ongoing research cuts across the following research areas:

  • Firm- and industry-level dynamics of knowledge systematisation and reconfiguration
  • Design as a process, as an activity, and as trigger of innovation
  • The influence of digital technologies on firms' innovative activities
  • Inter-firm collaborations as a source of innovation

She is currently engaged in case study and archival research through the combination of different qualitative research methods.


Full publications list

Peer-reviewed Journal Articles

D’Ippolito B., Petruzzelli A., Panniello U., 2019. Archetypes of incumbents' strategic responses to digital innovation. Journal of Intellectual Capital 20(5), 662-679. [IF: 3.744; ABS Level 2*]

D’Ippolito B., Rüling C., 2019. Scientific collaboration in Large Scale Research Infrastructures: Collaboration types and policy implications. Research Policy 48(5), 1282-1296. [IF: 5.425; ABS Level 4*]

Vernay A.L., D’Ippolito B., Pinkse J., 2018. Can the government create a vibrant cluster? Understanding the impact of cluster policy on the development of a cluster, Entrepreneurship & Regional Development 30(7-8), 901-919. [IF: 2.928; ABS Level 3]

Pinkse J., Vernay A.L., D’Ippolito B., 2018. An organisational perspective on the cluster paradox: Exploring how members of a cluster manage the tension between continuity and renewal, Research Policy 47(3), 674-685. [IF: 5.425; ABS Level 4*]

Smits R., Higson A., Mateer J., Jones H.D., D’Ippolito B., 2018. Distributing Films Online. The Farm Group, London, 27 April 2017. Journal of British Cinema and Television 15(2), 291-299.

Filippetti A., D’Ippolito B., 2017. Appropriability of design innovation across organisational boundaries: exploring collaborative relationships between manufacturing firms and designers in Italy. Industry and Innovation 24(6), 613-632. [IF: 3.157; ABS Level 2]

D’Ippolito B., 2015. Conventional and less conventional mechanisms of professionalisation underpinning knowledge-intensive activities: the case of design in food industries. Industry and Innovation 24(6), 613-632. [IF: 3.157; ABS Level 2]

D'Ippolito B., Timpano F., 2016. The role of non-technological innovations in services: the case of food retailing, Creativity and Innovation Management 25(1), 73-89. [IF: 2.015; ABS Level 2]

D’Ippolito B., Miozzo M., Consoli D., 2014. Knowledge systematisation, reconfiguration and the organisation of firms and industry: the case of design, Research Policy 43(8), 1334-1352. [IF: 5.425; ABS Level 4*]

D’Ippolito B., 2014. The importance of design for firms’ competitiveness: a review of the literature, Technovation 34 (11), 716-730. [IF: 5.250; ABS Level 3]

Book Contributions

D'Ippolito B., Rüling C.C. (2020). Keeping a Research Infrastructure alive: Material, social, and political work at the Institut Laue-Langevin (ILL). In: Cramer K.C. and Hallonsten O. (Eds.), Big Science and Research Infrastructures in Europe, Lund University, Sweden, Edward Elgar. Forthcoming in August. Available online at:

D’Ippolito B., Timpano F., 2009. “Le politiche per l’innovazione ed il supporto del capitale di rischio (Policies for the innovation and support of risk capital)”, In: Mazzoli, M. and Timpano, F. (edited by) Sviluppo, Innovazione e Mercati Finanziari (Development, Innovation and Financial Markets), Rubbettino Editore, Series: CESPEM, Mario Arcelli.


Spaapen, J., van Drooge, L., Propp, T., van der Meulen, B., Shinn, T., Marcovich, A., van den Besselaar, P., de Jong, S., Barker, K., Cox, D., Morrison, K., Sveinsdottir, T., Pearson, D., D’Ippolito, B., Prins, A., Molas-Gallart, J., Tang, P. and Castro-Martínez, E. (2011) “Social impact assessment methods for research and funding instruments through the study of productive interactions between science and society”, SiAMPI Final Report submitted to the European Commission

Peer-reviewed Published Working Papers

D’Ippolito, B., Miozzo, M. and Consoli D. (2013) “Knowledge systematisation and the development of a business function: the case of design”, DRUID Working Paper no. 13-06, 1-41, available at:

D’Ippolito, B. (2012) “An exploratory review of the design literature: gaps and avenues for future research”, Manchester Business School Working Paper N° 628, The University of Manchester (UK), 1-36, available at:

D’Ippolito, B., Miozzo, M. and Consoli, D. (2012) “Knowledge systematisation and the development of a business function: the case of design”, INGENIO (CSIC-UPV) Working Paper N° 2012/02, Universitat Politècnica de Valencia (Spain), 1-44, available at:

Conference Presentations 

2019: DRUID Summer Conference (Copenhagen, DK); 6th Innovation in Information Infrastructures (III) workshop (Surrey, UK)

2018: DRUID Summer Conference (Copenhagen, DK); ISPIM Innovation Conference (Stockholm, SW); Academy of Management Annual meeting (Chicago, USA); Strategic Management Society Conference (Paris, FR)

2017: SIMA-Sinergie Conference (Naples, Italy); British Academy of Management (Warwick, United Kingdom)
2016: DRUID Summer Conference (Copenhagen, DK); Academy of Management Annual Meeting (Anaheim, USA); SPRU 50th Anniversary Conference (Brighton, UK); Strategic Management Society Annual Conference (Berlin, Germany)

2015: Regional Studies Association Annual Conference (Piacenza, Italy) –  Academy of Management Annual Meeting (Vancouver, Canada)

2014: DRUID Summer Conference (Copenhagen, DK) – 6th International Symposium on Process Organization Studies (Rhodes, GR) – Academy of Management (Philadelphia, USA)

2013: British Academy of Management (Liverpool, UK) – R&D Management Conference (Manchester, UK) – DRUID Summer Conference (Barcelona, Spain)

2012: DRUID Summer Conference (Copenhagen, UK) – R&D Management Conference (Grenoble, France) – Jesus College, The University of Cambridge (Cambridge, UK) – School of Business and Economics of the Umeå University (Sweden) – Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore of Piacenza (Italy)

2011: EAEPE Annual Conference (Vienna, Austria) – British Academy of Management (Birmingham, UK) – Summer School in Services, Aalto University (Helsinki, Finland) – Network of Industrial Economists, Nottingham University Business School (UK) - Department of Social and Economic Sciences (DiSES), Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore (Piacenza, Italy)

2010: British Academy of Management (Sheffield, UK) – DRUID Summer Conference (London, UK)

2009: DRUID Academy Winter Conference (Aalborg, Denmark) – European Summer School in Industrial Dynamics, DIME Network (Foggia, Italy)

Other Publications

D’Ippolito, B. (2016) “Aesthetics, Food, and Innovation”, Conversational Piece hosted by Researchista – Communication in Research, available at:

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