St Cuthbert’s Way and Medieval wall paintings

Posted on 15 March 2018

Dr Emma Wells shares her knowledge in recent programmes

Dr Emma Wells, associate lecturer for Parish Church Studies at the University of York, has written and presented a new online programme St Cuthbert’s Way with Dr Emma Wells, which is part of the online historical series, Viral History.

St Cuthbert's Way with Dr Emma Wells 

This episode explores the historical 100 kilometre trail known as St Cuthbert’s Way, which is located between the national borders of England and Scotland. Ror many centuries, the trail has been a place of pilgrimage and to this day remains a beauitiful, long distance walking route. The trail is inspired by St Cuthburt and begins where he began his religious life and ends where his original shrine was first created. Watch future porgrammes in the Viral History series

In conjunction with BBC Civilisations, Dr Emma Wells has also recently appeared on Jonathan Cowap’s radio programme on BBC Radio York to talk about medieval wall paintings and the medieval period in general.

Listen to the full show. Emma can be heard two hours, 14 minutes in.