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Britain and the Chinese Communist Party: Often Rivals, Sometimes Enemies, Rarely Friends

Saturday 3 December 2022, 10.00PM to 4:30pm

Speaker(s): Martin Fecitt BA MA PGCE

When the Chinese Communist Party was founded in secret in Shanghai in 1921, one of its main targets was British imperialism in China. This course will examine what has happened since: Communist successes and failures before 1937; alliance of sorts with Britain during World War II; Communist victory in China in 1949; the expulsion of British companies; Chinese industrial development to ‘catch up with Britain’ after 1949; active hostilities during the Korean War; and post-imperial Britain's relations with a ‘superpower’ China nowadays.

Tutor: Martin Fecitt BA MA PGCE

Term: Autumn

Day: Saturday

Start Date: 3 December 2022

Time: 10am-4.30pm

No. of weeks: 1

Full fee: £49 


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Location: University of York Campus, Classroom-based