The History of York’s Merchants Adventurers and their Hall

Saturday 13 June 2020, 10.00AM to 4.30pm

The Merchant Adventurers’ Hall was built between 1357 and 1361 on the site of a Norman mansion. At the time of its construction, it was one of the largest buildings of its kind in Britain. The powerful medieval guild of the Mercers did business as well as socialised in its Great Hall, while the Undercroft was used as a hospital. This course will explore the medieval history of the York Company of Mercers (Merchant Adventurers) and their magnificent Hall. It is anticipated that this course will be held at the King’s Manor.

Tutor: Cristina Figueredo BA MA PhD

  • Term: Summer
  • Day: Saturday
  • Start Date: 13 June 2020
  • Time: 10am-4.30pm
  • No. of weeks: 1
  • Full fee: £40

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