Accessibility statement


Pathway: MA in the History of Art (Modern and Contemporary Art)

Why did you choose this programme/pathway to study?

I am always interested in art and I was fascinated by the discussion of modernity during undergraduate study as an English major.

Why History of Art, and why York?

History of art requires completed knowledge of liberal arts and comprehensive abilities which, I believe, everyone should learn to better understand the world. I chose York because I really appreciated the flexibility to combine modules from different paths and different departments together. York is a beautiful place with wonderful history, which also attracts me a lot.

What skills have your postgraduate studies allowed you to develop?

Most importantly, it is changing my way of thinking. I now realize that the more creative and more serious way of thinking is to study each conclusion and ensure that every opinion is based on solid evidence. To find the solid evidence pushes me to read more, and more critically. Besides, my tutors always encourage me to make sure I am doing what I love. The discussion in seminars is also always inspiring, because independent opinions are always welcome, which made me more open-minded and more confident to express my opinions.

How do you plan to use your History of Art MA and the skills you've learned in the future?

I plan to engage in the fashion field and use fashion to express myself. The history of art MA background enriches my vocabulary of fashion and improve my ability to locate my work among others’. The critical way of thinking will benefit my whole life.